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Mixed Bag of Nude Art Sticker (6 Stickers)

Mixed Bag of Nude Art Sticker (6 Stickers)

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The stickers ship in a discreet, tasteful envelope via regular mail with no tracking to minimise cost.
  • Individually handmade
  • A sensual surprise bag for you!
  • Add magic to everyday items
  • The easiest way to start collecting my art
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Product description

Add an artistic touch to your favourite items with this joyful set of six handmade art stickers. From whimsical cartoon designs to realistic portraits, these stickers capture the beauty and diversity of the female form. Perfect for decorating notebooks, laptops, water bottles, and more.

Handmade in Germany. These stickers feature my original art, and are handcrafted by me using watercolour paper, film and glue.

Enjoy, Tobias

Additional information
  • Custom orderI'll choose six stickers for you based on availability/weight. If you'd like a specific sticker, email me!
  • MaterialI printed the artworks on watercolour paper and covered the front with clear, self-adhesive film. The back is mounted on double-sided, self-adhesive film.
  • CareRemove cover sheet then attach to clean, dry surfaces. Primarily for indoor use; limited water-resistance. Avoid permanent exposure to water or direct sunlight to prevent deterioration.
  • SizeThe stickers vary in shape & size but all fit in 4 cm x 11 cm.
  • Return policyI do not accept return or refunds for this article.
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  • 100% body-safe and durable materials

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