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Love Matching Sex Game for Couples

Love Matching Sex Game for Couples

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Sex Board Game for loving couples - Love Matching Game. Perfect match for a naughty date night idea.

CONTENTS OF THE GAME: * 36 game pairs of cards marked with different sexual positions and activities. Pink cards emphasize the pleasure of the female, while blue cards emphasize that of the male * 1 pink and 1 blue square, labeled “Use now” * Game rules * Blindfold as a gift The “Love Matching” is very simple to set up and play. Basically, one person goes first and flips the cards over to find a match. If it’s a match – great, you get to go again! If it’s not, then it’s no longer your turn. If you get a match with the “Use Now” label on it, place that match on your “Use Now” square card. If not, just place the match next to you (for later use once the winner is determined). When you have filled up both spaces with the “Use Now” cards, the player who has both filled gets to do just that. They can choose one of the matches and use it right then and there. (And it has to be done within the time limit.)

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