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Any colours we offer are available on this toy, marbled or split at the shaft/base line!


Platinum cure silicone


Measurements (Small): Total length: 18cm Total usable length: 15cm Diameter of tip: 3.2cm Diameter of shaft (smallest): 4.3cm Diameter of shaft (largest): 6.5cm Measurements (Medium): Total length: 22cm Total usable length: 19cm Diameter of tip: 4cm Diameter of shaft (smallest): 5.2cm Diameter of shaft (largest): 8cm Measurements (Large): Total length: 26cm Total usable length: 22.5cm Diameter of tip: 4.8cm Diameter of shaft (smallest): 6.3cm Diameter of shaft (largest): 9.5cm

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Getting here isn't easy. Located high up in the mountains, in a deep cave and protected well by a tribe of kobolds, it's not a place where many outsiders barge in. But you seem to be in luck. Not only have you been granted an audience with the great blue beast, he seems to be in a generous mood as well, inviting you for a trade... 
Introducing Iristrasz! He is a true dragon, with a wide but gently sloped knot and an appetite to match. This massive piece of draconic breeding equipment is bound to bring pleasure to those who chance upon it, and would be a perfect addition to any hoard! For those seeking the thrill of the hot dragon under his scales, or those looking for a pelvic readjustment; Iristrasz will not disappoint.