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Gape Plug Large .: RED :.

Gape Plug Large .: RED :.

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⭐ Made from medical grade silicone ⭐


❤️ Large ❤️


✉️ Sweden 2 € , EU 5 € , Rest of the world 6 €


⭐ Made from medical grade silicone ⭐

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⭐ Gape Plug ⭐
⭐Anal Plug ⭐
⭐Pussy Plug ⭐

This plug is very well suited for both vaginal and anal play.

The silicone has a good firmness for easy insertion, and its shape will quickly adjust to you.

The plug is proven to stay in place and still be comfortable for a longer period.

⭐ Made from medical grade silicone .⭐

  .. This is the fifth version of the plug ..  

This Gape Plug has been tested by a test group and has been prototyped, evaluated, and redesigned several times before this final release.


Like all of my products,
This plug is made of 100% body-safe silicone.
I buy my silicone from Elkem in Germany 🇩🇪,
which offers medical-grade silicone. 

The silicone is not cheap but
 who doesn't like premium products 

You can read more about the silicone here:

How to clean your silicone products.

Use soap and water 
shake and let air-dry 
and avoid oil-based
products together
with silicone.

Shipping cost 

Sweden                    2 €
EU                           5 €
Rest of the world     6 € 

Shipping and packaging ✈️⛴

Small products will be shipped
in padded envelopes ✉️
Large products will be shipped
in discreet cardboard boxes 

In case a customs declaration is required ✏️
the goods will have discrete info:
"Mechano, therapy, appliance"


  Everything is handmade by me.   ❤️

Here you can see the process
of me making the Gape Plug.

 After many hours of 3D modeling, I prepared the model to be 3D printed.

The first model is called a master model.


I use a high-quality resin printer to make my plug come to life.


The printer does good work, but I want perfection, so I hand sanding the model to my standard.


Then I sandblasted the master modest to get the amazing surface texture.


Afterward, I used clay to deal clean the model.

The next step is to cast a mold of the master model, so I 3D printed all the parts needed.

I cast the mold with silicone and let I harden in a pressure chamber to avoid any air bubbles.


Master model and mold.


Finally, I use the newly made silicone mold to cast a perfect replica of the master model. 💕





If the color is not your favorite,
or you are unsure about the size,
or maybe you have any other questions.
Don't hesitate to get in touch with me. 📨

I'm happy to help.

Made with
 love from  Sweden