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Box of Burning Desires Sex Game for Couples

Box of Burning Desires Sex Game for Couples

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The Box of Burning Desires sex game for couples is probably one of the most extensive sex games - it includes "everything" :) Game Content: - 170 sexy questions - 50 foreplay moves - 50 sex moves - 36 romantic, naughty and kinky little scenarios to play out. - Two blindfolds Explore each other through 170 intimate questions; Set you in a naughty mood with 50 playful and romantic foreplay activities.

Try new sex ideas or bring back some long-forgotten ones with 50 intimate activity cards illustrated with sexy watercolor paintings Bring you some sexy fantasy ideas with 36 fantasy scenarios to play out with your love. Have some naughty surprises for your love!

IMPORTANT! SEX TOYS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE GAME Life is too short not to do it dirty! Enjoy! 

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