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Last modified: Dec 08 , 2021

  1. Definitions

2.Identity konfettie.eu

3.Customer account



6.Conditions for purchase/sale Consumer and Vendor

7.Right of withdrawal

8.Right of withdrawal exclusions

9.Order and Delivery


11.Change conditions

Article 1 - Definitions

  1. Reflection period: the legal term within which the customer may make use of the right of withdrawal
  2. Customer: The User of konfettie.eu who does not act from a company and with the aim of visiting konfettie.eu and or entering into a Purchase Agreement with a Seller.
  3. User: every visitor of the Environment konfettie.eu
  4. Day: a calendar day;
  5. Digital content: the information supplied to konfettie.eu in digital form
  6. Services: the konfettie.eu Platform and all functionalities made available to Vendors and Customers.
  7. Durable data carrier: all tools - incl. email that enables the consumer or entrepreneur to record personal information to him/her in order to guarantee future consultation/use and which is tailored to the purpose of destination for the information. The information must be reproducible in unaltered form.
  8. Right of withdrawal: when purchasing online products, the Customer has the option to terminate the purchase agreement without stating reasons
  9. Seller: the party - natural or legal person - that offers products, digital Content and/or Services via the Platform.
  10. Distance contract: An agreement that is concluded via the internet and concerns products or digital products.
  11. Content: all content that a User or Customer shares with konfettie.eu can be removed by konfettie.eu at any time.The Customer Manual contains information for Users and Customers and the content they create and share with konfettie.eu


Article 2 - Identity of konfettie.eu

 Konfettie.eu B.V. trading under the name(s): konfettie.eu

Business & visiting address:

Schiedamsevest 154

3011 BH Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Availability: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Sellers:        vendor@konfettie.eu

Consumers: info@konfettie.eu

Safety:         safety@konfettie.eu

Chamber of Commerce number: 83487433

Dutch VAT identification number: NL862893185B01

Article 3. Customer account

1.The User and/or Customer has the choice to make a purchase with and without a customer account.

2.The User and/or Customer is solely responsible for the customer account and all activity that takes place on that account.

3.By creating a customer account or using our Services, a User and/or Customer agrees to all terms and conditions of konfettie.eu

4.Konfettie.eu reserves the right to delete or block a customer account at any time if we believe that a User and/or Customer does not comply with our conditions.

5.The User and/or customer is responsible for the correctness of the shared information (eg name- and address details).

Article 4 - Applicability

1.The konfettie.eu Terms of Use apply to every offer from the Seller made on the Platform as well as to every distance agreement between the Seller and Consumer

2.Before a User concludes a Purchase Agreement, the conditions must be accepted.

3.Every Seller on konfettie.eu has its own terms and conditions. The customer is responsible for accepting this prior agreement.


Article 5 -  Agreement

1.The consumer understands that konfettie.eu is only a Platform and is not responsible for the communication between the Seller and the Customer and is not a party to any sales agreement between the Customer and the Vendor, is not responsible for the terms and conditions of the Vendor, the execution of the sales agreement concluded between the Seller and the Customer, the delivery of the goods, etc.

2.By going through the checkout process, the consumer declares to understand that an agreement is formally concluded between the Customer and the Vendor.


Article 6 – Conditions for purchase/sale Consumer and Vendor

1.Since konfettie.eu is not a party to any purchase/sale agreement between the Consumer and the Vendor, the terms and conditions set by the Sellerapply in principle. Konfettie.eu is, however, entitled to set conditions – including in the context of guaranteeing quality, complying with legislation and regulations, as well as offering the best service – that will apply between the Customer and the Vendor. These conditions will be mentioned below.


Article 7 – Right of withdrawal

1.For products: without giving a reason, the Customer is free to cancel the purchase within the cooling-off period of 14 days.

2.During the period of 14 days, the Customer bears the responsibility to keep the product in good condition and only to inspect it without damaging the product.

3.The return of the Item(s) takes place via the Seller and its terms and conditions are drawn up and communicated. See also article 6 paragraph 1.


            Article 8 - Right of withdrawal exclusions 

1.The Seller may exclude the following products from the right of withdrawal under the conditions set out below:

Hygienic products or products with a health risk where the seal has been broken. Products that cannot be taken back after opening due to hygiene or health risks may be excluded from withdrawal. However, these products must be sealed. If the seal is not broken, the products can simply be returned. After breaking the seal, the right of withdrawal lapses.

  1. For digital content that is not supplied on a material carrier (such as a DVD, CD or CD-ROM) - this mainly means apps, music streams and various downloads - a cooling-off period of 14 calendar days applies, unless the product or service has already been delivered within the cooling-off period. The right of withdrawal is excluded insofar as the consumer has declared to agree to the delivery of the digital content during the cooling-off period.
  2. Konfettie gift cards are non-refundable. 

Article 9 - Order and delivery 

1.The consumer understands that every Seller on konfettie.eu uses its own delivery conditions. Before an agreement is concluded, the consumer must ascertain the terms and conditions of the relevant Vendor.

2.Should a dispute arise, the Customer understands that he must first contact the Seller prior to contacting Konfettie.eu


Article 10 - Payment

From the moment a sales agreement has been concluded between the Consumer and the Vendor, the Consumer is obliged to fulfill his/her obligations for payment.


Article 11 - Change conditions

Konfettie.eu reserves the right at all times to change and/or supplement its terms and conditions without stating reasons.The conditions drawn up in Dutch are always leading.