Seller manual

Last modified: Dec 08 , 2021

  1. Register as a Seller 
  2. Communicate your own terms
  3. 18+
  4. Body safety
  5. Allowed Items
  6. Items not allowed
  7. Content Rules
  8. Commission
  9. Interference


1.Register as a Seller

Every Seller of adult articles is curated by in order to guarantee the quality of the Platform. This also means that the Seller does not have to compete with resellers who sell counterfeit Items, offer low quality, are not body-safe and/or have unrealistically low prices.


Do you:

  • Design your own adult items
  • Produce your own designed adult items
  • Create handmade adult items
  • Use body-safe materials? 


Then sign up! 


Step 1: You register via our Sign Up Button


Step 2: You will receive an agreement when you meet our requirements


Step 3: Start growing your business!


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2.Communicate your own conditions

Because is only a platform, it is important that you as a Seller communicate your own terms and conditions to your customers. Include things like: shipping conditions, returns, returns for custom items and cancellation. To inform your customers even better, we recommend that you prepare a FAQ. Are your hygienic articles sealed? Then you may exclude these from the right of withdrawal as well as digital Items that have been delivered within the cooling-off period, provided you communicate this to your customer in advance.


  1. 18+ is a platform for adults, created by adults. As a Seller, you are responsible for what happens on your profile. Do you suspect that a minor activity has taken place? Help us keep the platform safe and report this to:


  1. Body safety

The following list consists of materials that we consider body-safe. If you're making a body-safe claim, check whether your adult product is indeed body-safe. If we suspect that a product is not body-safe, may ask you to provide us with detailed information about the Item. If you do not provide this, has the right to remove the Item and/or close your account. will do its utmost to keep Sellers and third parties informed of any changes in the  EU rules and regulations regarding sex toys and body-safe materials. has the ambition to be part of the global health change concerning the sex toy industry. strives to be 100% body-safe, but cannot guarantee this, as this is the responsibility of the Sellers. reserves the right to change this list.


4.1 Body-safe

These materials are allowed on  


Metal /stainless steel & aluminum 

Borosilicate glass

ABS hard plastic

Pure silicone (medical grade/platinum) 




4.2  Not body-safe
Selling items of these materials are not allowed on 


PVC/ vinyl 



Silicone blends

Jelly/ Rubber 





5.Allowed items is a Platform for all kinds of adult products. To keep the platform safe and accessible, you will find below a list of items that are allowed to be offered on


  • Leather goods (excluding endangered species*)
  • Photography (own work only and with the model's permission)
  • Handmade Sex Toys
  • Sex toys and other adult items that are commissioned by you and are your own design/idea.
  • BDSM items such as whips, harnesses, sex furniture, nipple clamps and the like.
  • Art etc. (pins, paintings, prints, stickers etc.)
  • Wellness (cone balls, soap, candles etc.)
  • Fashion (kinky clothes, lingerie, accessories)
  • Sex Tech Products
  • Idealistic items that contribute to positivism


Sellers are not allowed to make medical claims.


*The use of endangered species in your leather fashion accessories is restricted/prohibited by EU law (EC 338/97). Refer to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) for more information


Are you in doubt about an item that you want to sell via or is your item not in our categories? Please contact us at:


6.Forbidden items 

  • Human parts or burial artifacts
  • Animal parts or endangered species
  • Fur (all types of fur are prohibited)
  • Porn (including revenge porn, child porn, animal porn, selfies or videos/home videos)
  • Second-hand or used items (including soiled undergarments)
  • Photos or videos of people who did not consent, leaked celebrity material
  • Selling yourself (no dating, webcam escort services etc.)
  • Medications, supplements, sexual enhancers or other medical devices
  • Surprise boxes and other potentially misleading items
  • Product/art that glorify human tragedy and/or magnify people who have committed crimes or products that encourage: illegal activity, rape, abuse, racism, discrimination, hatred, violence or bestiality
  • Tobacco, alcohol, hazardous substances, etc.


It is also not allowed to create the same article as a listing more than once. Do you have an Article in different colors? Then there must be an image in that specific color to ensure that it is not seen as a duplicate listing by 


Are you in doubt about an item that you want to sell via or is your item not in this list? Please contact us at:


Do you see content on that does not meet our conditions? Report this to:


  1. Content Rules

Under no circumstances should an image or text motivate other users to: abuse other adults, abuse children or animals, or otherwise abuse, glorify violence, or engage in non-consensual acts that may result in mental or physical injury.


It is prohibited to use false information or impersonate another person.


7.1 Allowed images

The following is allowed to show on an image. 


  • Nipples
  • Pubic hair
  • Bodies of all kinds of people who are 18+
  • People of all adult (18+) ages
  • Images of fantasy characters
  • More people than one to one image,
  • Persons presenting the product


7.2 Images not allowed 


The following items may not be shown on an image.

  • Having sexual intercourse, showing genitals or anus
  • Images that can be perceived as offensive (discriminatory, violence, etc.)
  • A person using a sex toy
  • Blood, wounds, bruises, etc.
  • Illegal activities (such as hints at children/child porn or real live animals/animal porn)
  • No hints to children's bedrooms
  • Necrophilia
  • Images from other wholesalers (e.g. stock photos of wholesalers found on Aliexpress)
  • Images that you do not have the exclusive right to


This list is always evolving and may change from time to time. always reserves the right to change this list without notice.


Are you unsure about an image? Please contact us at


Do you see an image that does not meet our requirements? Then report it via:


7.3 Language use

While adult language is allowed on the platform, we trust that you refrain from using abusive language that harms, hurts, or offends other users or groups. The language used must not in any way be discriminatory or hateful or contain hints of physical or mental abuse. Keep it neat and sexy.



If you are a Seller  you pay a commission per transaction. In addition, you pay a small amount per transaction. You can make unlimited listings.


19% commission per items sold (total selling price + shipping costs)

Transaction costs (varies per payment method)


The commission is a fixed percentage. This percentage is the same for each category.


The transaction costs depend on the chosen payment method. These costs are fixed with our payment service provider, Online Payment Platform.




You sold a dildo with a value of 80,-


The shipping costs are 5,-


Total is 85,-


After the transaction has been completed and the statutory cooling-off period has expired, you will receive from us:



Shipping costs 




  • Transaction costs  

0,28 (iDeal)

  • 19% fee 



Total for Seller 



Users of are not allowed to disturb other Users and/or shops.

Seeking public publicity about a dispute is not allowed. Also, it is not allowed to buy a product to write a bad review on purpose.

Users should not interfere with our rating system.