Press release


Konfettie's sex toy revolution: The first body-safe marketplace is (a)live.   



ROTTERDAM, Aug. 15, 2022 - The sex toy business is hot, honey. Sex toy safety, however, isn’t always top of mind. That’s why we want you to meet Konfettie, a female founded marketplace for body-safe pleasure products. This is a story about sexual desire without compromise. 


Think about it. We are increasingly aware of our food choices. We think twice about the cosmetics that we put on our skin. Isn’t it strange that we are less mindful of products that are in direct contact with our most intimate body parts? “Strange is an understatement”, according to Emilie Wiersma, founder of Konfettie. Truth is that there are no standards to guide sex toy manufacturers in maximising safety and minimising risks. Konfettie offers resistance. 


Screw the system

In July 2022, the revolution commenced. On, the best, curated artisan sellers meet the most curious consumers. Where the shady is taken out of sex and shopping for desirable devices is worry-free, like sex should always be. “Together we write a plot where sexuality and safety co-exist.” 


Sex and social entrepreneurship

Besides selling top notch products, Konfettie promotes body-safe sex and empowerment through research, curating sellers and raising awareness. “Now, more than ever, it’s essential to take your mental and physical health seriously.” Because of this, the company has introduced several initiatives to educate people on safe sex and the sex toy industry. 


“Our mission is to be earth’s most open-minded and body-safe marketplace. I’m taking full responsibility”, concludes Emilie. After all, only body-safe toy stories have happy endings.


Curious? For further information, please contact Anne Greaves, Public Relations Coordinator Konfettie, 06 - 57558065 or