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Last modified: Dec 08 , 2021

1.Shop at


3.Body safety

4.Content Rules

5.Reviews & Interference

6. Gift cards 


1.Shopping at

Asd a User of you understand that each Seller uses its own terms and conditions. We strongly recommend that you read it before concluding a Purchase Agreement.

As a User you understand that only operates as a Platform. As a Customer of a Seller, you enter into an agreement with an individual Seller.

  1. 18+ is a platform for adults,by adults. As a User, you are responsible for what happens on your profile. Do you suspect that a minor activity has taken place? Help us keep the platform safe and report this to:

3.Body Safety will do its utmost to offer high-quality products and body-safe articles. We do this, among other things, by curating our Sellers. In addition, we strive to keep customers and Sellers informed of any changes to EU rules and regulations regarding sex toys and body-safe materials. has the ambition to be part of the global change in sex toy regulations in the health field. strives to be 100% body-safe, but cannot guarantee this, as this is the responsibility of the Seller s.

Are you in doubt about one of our Sellers? Report this to us at:

  1. Content Rules

Under no circumstances may content (communication with Sellers and reviews) posted by you as a User on be hateful or discriminatory. Your language should not hurt people, encourage illegal activities, or hurt other Users or groups.

It is prohibited to use false information or impersonate another person.

Do you see content that does not meet our requirements? Then report it via:

  1. Reviews & Interference

Users of are not allowed to disturb other Users and/or shops.

Seeking public publicity about a dispute is not allowed.

Also, it is not allowed to buy a product to write a bad review on purpose

Users may not interfere with our rating system nor may they leave reviews that go against our terms and offend other Users of the Platform.

6. Giftcards 

Konfettie gift cards are non-refundable.