Recopilación: juguetes sexuales

La elección es enorme, al igual que algunos de estos juguetes seguros para el cuerpo. Elija un consolador: su deseo de juguete sexual es nuestro comando. Algunos de nuestros vendedores incluso te permiten elegir tus propios colores o firmeza. Es tu fiesta, cariño. Deja que tu fantasía se vuelva loca con estos juguetes sexuales de fantasía.

juguetes sexuales

Product FAQ

What are body-safe sex toys?

Body-safe sex toys are sex toys that do not harm you and your health.

At Konfettie we curate all sellers to make sure they sell body-safe sex toys. We look at: material and design to make sure that the sex toy is not toxic, porous and has a safe shape/flared base.

In this collection you will find all sorts of dildo's. From realistic dildos to fantasy dildos.

For who are body-safe sex toys?

Body-safe sex toys are for discerning people regardless of their gender. People that value their health and their partners health.

How do you use body-safe sex toys?

Check out the recommendations of the seller you are buying from, the other categories ,and when in doubt, you can always contact Konfettie for tips!

Follow our socials if you want to keep up to date.

Cleaning tips body-safe sex toys

Body-safe sex toys, in our book, are non-porous. This means that when you clean them, you can eliminate germs and bacteria.

Check the instructions the seller of your toy gives when it comes to cleaning.