Sammlung: Wohlbefinden

Bereit für einige der nachsichtigsten Artikel? Gönnen Sie sich. Und deine Geliebte(n). Eine Massagekerze ist immer ein Erfolgsgarant. Setzen Sie Ihr Shiatsu auf!

What are wellness products?

At Konfettie our Sellers offer you wellness products that make intimacy and sex more fun. All body-safe off course.

For who are wellness products?

Wellness products on Konfettie are for every adult that wants to indulge a bit. Just think of how much sensual fun you can have with a high-quality massage candle.

How to use wellness products?

Always read the instructions the Seller on Konfettie provides. With products that touch your skin, it's always a good idea to check what's in the product and to test it on a small piece of skin before you start playing.

Why use wellness products?

Wellness product can increase intimacy.