Sammlung: Anales Spielzeug

Von körpersicheren Buttplugs über Gape-Plugs bis hin zu allen möglichen Spielzeugen und Accessoires, die den Spaß und das Vergnügen beim Erkunden des Analspiels steigern. Denn beim Analspiel geht es darum, Ihren Weg zu gehen. Egal, ob Sie gerade erst anfangen oder erfahren sind, hier beginnt Ihr nächstes Analabenteuer.

What are anal toys?

Anal toys are sex toys used for anal play. Examples are: buttplugs, gape plugs, anal beads and anal dildos.

For people assigned male at birth, anal play is a way to stimulate the prostate. For people assigned female at birth do not have a prostate but still enjoy anal play because of all the nerve endings in and around the anus. People also enjoy the full feeling of anal play.

For who are anal toys?

Anal toys are designed for every adult that wants to experiment with anal play regardless of their gender.

How do you use anal toys?

With anal play two things are key. One, relax. Two, use lube. And lot's of it.

If anal play hurts, stop. It is always a good idea to take it slow. Try different positions to find out what feels best for you when using an anal sex toy.

Make sure your anal toy has a solid flared base. That way the toy will not get lost inside your body.

Cleaning tips anal toys

When cleaning anal toys it's important to know what kind of material the toy is.

Body-safe silicone can be rinsed, washed with mild soap. After that let it air dry before storage.
This is the same for anal toys made of glass. Both can be boiled for a couple of minutes to disinfect.

Want to get rid of an odor when using body-safe silicone anal toys? Soak in coconut oil, rinse and wash the toy with mild soap and let the anal toy air dry.