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What do you mean with body-safe?

All the sex toys you can buy on Konfettie are body-safe.

We curate our Sellers to make sure they sell sex toys made from:
- Metal /stainless steel & aluminum

-Borosilicate glass

-ABS hard plastic

-Pure silicone (medical grade/platinum)



Why only sell body-safe sex toys?

Why not? Fact is that most sex toys are toxic or porous and therefor not good for your health.

For Konfettie it's a no-brainer. We hope this becomes a no-brainer for you too.

What is not body-safe?

We look at two things: the shape of a sex toy and the material.

A sex toy must be shaped in a way you can not lose it (yes, sometimes toys get lost in the body)/

A buttplug needs to have a flared base in for us to say: that is body-safe.

Second, the material of sex toys should not be toxic or porous.

We do not accept sex toys made from:

PVC/ vinyl
Silicone blends
Jelly/ Rubber