A Year of Beautiful Pours: Seasonal Colours in the World of Indies

A Year of Beautiful Pours: Seasonal Colours in the World of Indies

Did you know that there are seasonal colour trends in the indie world? While you can find all sorts of colourful toys throughout the year, some types of pours are more likely to be found at certain times of the year. If you have your heart set on a particular aesthetic for your collection you may want to circle your calendar.

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For more information about what pours are, and what styles are out there, see my Pour Guide post.

A Calendar of Colours - Seasonal Trends


This isn’t an exhaustive list as colour trends are ever-evolving. I highly recommend checking out shops on social media to see what they’ve been pouring recently! Please note that the images below belong to their respective makers. 


L-R, top to bottom: Creature Feature Toys (CFT), Happy Hole Toys (HHT), Paladin Pleasure Sculptors (PPS), Strange Bedfellas (SBF).


If you’re a pastel lover Spring is likely the prime drop season for you! Lighter and softer colours tend to be popular pours during this time, often taking inspiration from things like plants, flowers (such as cherry blossoms), desserts and sunrises.

Early spring may have lighter pearly and opal inspired pours. Later around Easter candy pastel pink, blue, yellow, purple and green are very popular colours.


L-R, top to bottom: Phoenixflame Creations (PFC), Paladin Pleasure Sculptors (PPS), Strange Bedfellas (SBF), Fantasy Grove (FG), Pleasure Forge (PF).


As temperatures warm up so do pours, with warmer and brighter tropical and neon colours appearing more often. Pour inspo in summer tends to come from themes like fruits, drinks, warm sunsets, beaches and water.

June is Pride Month, and many makers go all out for drops during this time! In addition to many interpretations of rainbow pours (e.g., pastel, UV, metallic and white or black rainbows) other pride flag inspos can be found. Makers may pull colours from the Lesbian, MLM, Bi, Pan, Trans, Ace and Aro flags among others (such as Non-Binary, Bear or Leather Pride). It’s traditionally a very colourful month!


L-R, top to bottom: Made to Were (MTW), Baphomet’s Workshop (BW), Paladin Pleasure Sculptors (PPS), Bat Bites Toys (BBT). 


Autumn tends to have quite a variety of pours. In addition to seasonal inspirations such colourful leaves and Fall desserts, richer, darker, and more metallic colours may appear. Reds, oranges, copper, and rich jewel tones (like purple or wine) tend to be popular colours featured. 


 L-R, top to bottom: Paladin Pleasure Sculptors (PPS), Kisu and Friends (KNF), Pleasure Forge (PF), Something Squishy Toys (SST), PF. 

October brings Halloween, which is often a major drop season! Traditional pours during this time feature classic combos of black and orange, green or purple. Others may pull from seasonal treats such as candy corn (yellow, white and orange), and candy apples (gold or red drips over green). Spooky pours with black or red drips are also featured. Beetlejuice inspired “Sandworm” pours are also popular Halloween treats. These often have stripes of black and white complemented by a green drip, though palette swapped versions also appear (such as pastel Sandworms).


L-R, top to bottom: Phoenixflame Creations (PFC), Pleasure Forge (PF), The Wicked Hunt (TWH), Paladin Pleasure Sculptors (PPS), Xenocat Artifacts (XCA), TWH, Bat Bites Toys (BBT).


The cooler months of the year tend to bring similarly frosty pours, but also bursts of festive colour! Snowy white and icy blues make appearances, and pour inspirations can include things such as ice, frozen landscapes, Christmas ornaments and more. 

Black Friday tends to be a large shopping weekend with many sales happening! Some makers may offer special BF pours, via drop or made-to-order (MTO). These colourations usually heavily feature black, often with some shimmer added, or as part of a fade pour.

Closer to Christmas festive pours start popping up! These often include pours inspired by things such as candy canes, evergreen trees and Yule logs. Red and green are common colours during this time.


L-R, top to bottom: Fantasy Grove (FG), Paladin Pleasure Sculptors (PPS), FG, PPS.

In the lead up to Spring, Valentine’s Day brings sweet pours often featuring red, pink or gold. Some makers will do heart inclusion pours as a special treat for drops during this time.


In addition to seasonal colours, makers may take inspiration from birthstones. These pours pull colours from their respective monthly gems, and may appear in drops or as an MTO option.

Everyone has their own favourite colours, pours and collection aesthetic. There’s no right or wrong way to build a toy collection, the important thing is that you love the pieces. I hope this guide can help point you towards toys you’ll vibe with, happy hunting!

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