How an epiphany sparked the start of the sexy Etsy

How an epiphany sparked the start of the sexy Etsy

Once upon a time, a Dutch woman had a sex toy epiphany. That sounds all fun and games, in a lot of sexy ways, until you find out that her manifestation was rather more alarming than charming… 

Let’s cut to the chase. Fairytales don’t exist. That is exactly what the female founder of Konfettie got confirmed in 2020, when she discovered that the sex toy hidden in her nightstand could actually harm her. Yes, you’re reading it correctly. The jelly rabbit vibrator, which had been her pleasure pal for quite some time, turned out to be potentially toxic and sickening. Sorry to break it to you, but when a toy causes an internal infection or chemical burn, there is not a single prince that comes - neither literally, you dirty mind -  to save you. 

It was opened. No, not her legs: the can of worms that is also known as the sex toy industry. Her research turned out that the entire industry, in all its glory (we prefer “in all its sorry”), is an unregulated playground for deceit and trouble. “What can I do about this?”, the founder wondered and thundered. The only answer that she could (for)give herself, became abundantly clear: she needed to change the scene. And so she did. 

Konfettie was born: a female-led marketplace, that guarantees that shopping sex toys is both accessible and worry free. With this sexy version of Etsy, she is fully determined to make body-safe sex toys the worldwide standard. BSaaS. No, the cat didn’t sit on the keyboard. Body-Safe as a Standard. For all curious creatures, at any time. 

Our modest mission

To be earth’s biggest sex positive marketplace. 

What can you expect from Konfettie?

  • We are ever moving and ever improving, based on the (most welcome) feedback by our sellers and buyers and the latest developments in the industry. After all, we are a start-up.
  • All products go through our thorough quality check before being welcomed to the marketplace. This way, we can always guarentee body-safety and exclusiveness. 
  • We only offer products from exclusive and skilled sellers. Re-sellers are immediately eliminated. 
  • Both the amount and the range of products will continuously grow.
  • We are gradually going to make the world a more body-safe place.

After all, only body-safe toy stories have happy endings.

Start your body-safe journey by having a peek at our amazing products. 

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