How did Blackfanglabs start a fantasy sex toy company and why it's the best

How did Blackfanglabs start a fantasy sex toy company and why it's the best

Giving pleasure to people. Doesn’t that sound like one of the better life goals you have heard in a while? The thing with goals, though, is that they mean nothing unless you take the necessary action to achieve them. DarkRat, from Black Fang Labs in Germany, is one of these professional pleasure seekers that actually took the bull by the horns. Well ok, by the body-safe sex toys. We are glad that he did. 

Seven years ago, DarkRat - a pseudonym for the mystery man behind Black Fang Labs - started developing his own sex toys as a hobby. He was trying stuff out and playing around while shifting from a full-time developer to being a part-time developer and part-time sex toy creator. The world welcomed Black Fang Labs, with open arms, in 2019. Wondering how he came up with the name? “I was looking for a name that gets stuck in your brain. And a lab is a place where you create cool stuff.” Copy that. 

To BFL, body-safe standards are a must. This means that they only use materials that are rated for use in the human body, like silicone that is platinum and pigments which are rated for cosmetic use. “Doesn't seem like a good business to be in; selling sex toys that are not body-safe.” Therefore, they do everything to make sure that their customers have a body-safe experience and get a lasting toy. Thumbs up!

Do you have a great idea for a custom-made sex toy? Consider it done. “A lot of people have their own taste and their own very specific ideas. I want to cater to their needs.” Sometimes, custom orders can be challenging when you have only got two hands. Fortunately, DarkRat has support (and two extra hands) because of colleague Zookie. Cool names seem to be contagious.

Zookie, among other things, poures the dildos. “Like with all creative jobs, it's very rewarding to work together with the customers and fulfill their wishes. Knowing that I make people happy with what I do, is a big reward for me.” She wants to show that sex is something fun, not something dirty. Good on you Zookie - we couldn’t agree more.

DarkRat and Zookie provided us - and therefore you, lucky duckling - with some advice for customers. Might want to use it to your advantage. The first one can be summarized by: “know what you want.” Every design has its pros and cons and the eyes mostly want something bigger than you need. There is nothing wrong with starting small.

Secondly, if you buy from indie sex toy creators, it could take a bit longer before you receive your item. Sometimes it’s just one or two people working for the company you are buying from. If you have a problem with them, be nice and keep in mind that they are probably alone and that they always try their best. Sometimes, customers don’t really consider the people behind the company. Be nice to the indie sex toymakers.

And the future? If you ask DarkRat, more exceptional and random designs are on their way within the company as well as in general. How about a double dildo? Might want to stay tuned, because this - and more - is in the pleasure pipeline. See you there.

Visit BlackFangLabs on Konfettie. 

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