10 handmade gift tips for restraints this cuffing season

10 handmade gift tips for restraints this cuffing season

Looking for the perfect gift to give someone who enjoys being restrained? Here are 10 handmade, Indie gift ideas, including handcuffs and cuffs in leather or fabric. So whether you know their favorite color, we have a handcuff fit for any style!

1. Red handcuffs by Balancelle (€65,00)


Tired of keeping your partner restrained in boring old handcuffs? Get a pair of handmade red handcuffs by Balancelle. Made from comfortable fabric, these cuffs have an adjustable buckle to fit most people. The dark red color makes this an excellent Christmas gift. 

2. Golden handcuffs by Provocateur (€99,99)


For submissive newbies or experts, these golden handcuffs will remind them who's in control. The perfect gift for the kinkster and fashionista in your life. And handmade in the Netherlands by one of our favorite BDSM brands. 

3. Wrist-to-waist restraints by StraitJacketShop (€89,99)


A fantastic addition to your bondage collection, the Wrist to Waist Restraint is a simple restraint that keeps your submissive from moving their hands. This gift will keep your partner in check may they stress out during the holidays. 


4. Classic wrist restraints By Kilter (€202,95)


Hand-stitched from vegetable-tanned leather, these wrist restraints feature suede padding for a soft finish. The Italian leather exterior and luxuriously padded lining are designed to be enjoyed, even beyond Christmas as you and your partner spend more time exploring restraint together. 

5. Stardust handcuffs by The F play (€130,00)


Stardust handcuffs are created by The F Play, a designer out of Ukraine. These soft and beautiful cuffs are made for the purist with a minimalist approach to style. With their delicate neutral colors, these cuffs will lend a soft feminine touch to your bondage play!

6. Set uno black by Anoeses (€902,68)


This restraint set Uno is brutal, severe, and powerful. You get the whole package with this set. You'll be bound and gagged from collar to belt and everything in between in no time! A gift for the big spenders among us.

7. Piste Noire bedcuffs by Balancelle (€100,00)


Cuffs are an essential part of restraint play; without them, there is no way to be restrained! The Piste Noire bed cuffs offer an esthetic, original, light and comfortable, adaptable vegan option for restraint play that can be used with any mattress or furniture. The solid black bed cuffs are made of comfortable cotton fabric to reduce friction against the skin. The buckles around the wrists and ankles make them adaptable to most body types and can be tightened one-handed. A friendly introduction to restraints to give as a gift.


8. Bat handcuffs by XPrint3D (€34,90)


Surprise your loved one with some fun and creativity! You can now play Batman or Joker while staying in the bedroom. These handcuffs (made of polyamide) are 6.5x4.5cm, which corresponds to a circumference of 17.5 cm. Ideal for roleplaying lovers and cosplayers.

9. Leather thigh + ankle cuffs by Obsess Harness (€239,11)


This handsome set is made from soft, supple leather and includes both thigh and ankle cuffs. This stylish red set makes it easy to create the perfect bondage look without sacrificing comfort or style this Christmas.


10. BDSM spreader bar with ankle cuffs by BDSM Architecture (€34,00)


The perfect gift for kinky beginners or experienced players, this modern spreader bar offers the same functionality as a classic spreader bar but with a sleek and stylish look. Its lightweight design makes it easy to use in many fun positions, and its elegant metal construction adds an element of luxury to any BDSM scene this holiday season. You will need to add the cuffs to your order! 

Haven't found the gift you are looking for? Then continue your search!
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