10 best sexy gifts for every person that loves a good spanking

10 best sexy gifts for every person that loves a good spanking

The days of the low-quality and boring spanking devices are officially over. Instead, handmade paddles and artisan impact play tools are making the industry much more exciting.

In this blog, you will find our top 10 gift ideas for every person who would love to receive a good spanking this holiday season. We guarantee you it won't be a silent night when you use one of these.  

 1. Slapper by Provocateur (€79,99)


Sometimes classy and elegant is simply the way to go. This slapper from Provocateur is an excellent gift for someone who has just started getting serious about impact play. It is an easy-to-handle slapper that stings just the right amount. We at Konfettie tried this one out, which has become a favorite during playtime. 

2. Ice-cream Sandwich Paddle by 3D Printed (€59,90) 


So you are searching for a paddle for someone who also likes to get ice cream after a play session? Then this is the gift you've been looking for this season. This paddle serves as a sweet spank device. Ready to use for dessert. 

3. The gold cloak flogger by Ramzart (€150,00)


Have you ever heard of sustainable BDSM creations? Ramzart, from Amsterdam, also known as Wild Weirdo Creations upcycles material and creates fancy floggers and fetish fashion. So if you are looking for a sustainable but sexy gift to use during impact play, this is the one! 

4. The impact set by Kilter (€260,95)


The Impact Collection by Kilter is designed to delight and deliver an array of sensations in the places you desire them most. The paddles are produced from Italian leather and reinforced with spring steel for a shorter, sharper spanking sensation. 

A fabulous gift! Especially for someone bored with low-quality impact play gear and who wishes to level up. Gosh, we would love this under our Christmas tree. 

5. Lego paddle by Sensuelet Marquant (€78,00)


This paddle by Sensuelet Marquant has some serious DDLG vibes.
An original impact play gift, to say the least, and so pretty that the person who receives this gift will want to put it on display.

6. Stinger oak by Branded Spanking (€52,65)


Spanking is a very intimate action. So why not gift someone a personalized paddle? This paddle is an outstanding gift for your sub this Christmas. Just imagine all the fun you can have with the Stinger. You can order it with a gift box as an add-on. Bottoms up!

7. Little devil by SquareRoothDesign (€38,12)


Warning, this paddle is not for beginners. But if you have been engaging in impact play for a while now and want to expand your horizons to more hardcore play, the little devil is your best choice! Covered with 300 spikes, this paddle, if used during Christmas, will remind you of that pleasantly painful night for a long time. 

8. Mini slapper by SubUsed (€15,00)


A mini-slapper is a fun small gift to give to the person you love to do impact play with. It is a subtle reminder of your shared pleasant and painful intimate moments. 

9. Au slapper by Angel Toys (€24,58)


During the Venus trade fair in Berlin, we got the chance to meet AngelToys. The Au slapper caught our attention right away. The handle rests comfortably in your hand, and the letters genuinely leave a mark. A handmade ouch device that lives up to its name. 

10. Cat-O-nine by Figure of A (€58,24)


This handmade Cat-O-nine combines two worlds: impact play and shibari. A gift that is ideal for people who enjoy going to kinky parties, as they can accessorize and upgrade their outfits with this fashionable item. 

Haven't found the gift you are looking for yet? Then continue your search!

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