10 best sexy couple gifts for that special game enthusiast in your life

If you love playing games after the Christmas parties have ended, these adult games are perfect for you. We can't guarantee that you will finish playing these games though.

Having a hard time finding affordable spicy gifts? Luckily we found some items that fit any budget. Be sure to check out the downlodable items on this list. 

Here are our top suggestions to spice up your holiday season.

  1. Sex memory game with naughty photos by Open Mity (€24,95)


Sex Memory Game is a kinky and sexy game that’s suitable couples of every kind. If you have been together only briefly and are still too shy to share your desires, or maybe together so long, that the passion has fizzled? This game is the perfect solution to spice up your holiday season. The cards contain erotic cards that can help reignite your sexual passion. Not only will it entertain and inspire both of you, it will also help you reconnect with each other in the bedroom.

2. Love matching sex game for couples by Open Mity (€24,95)


Are you ready to get intimate? Let this game bring out the passion between you and your partner, with a little bit of naughty spice. This game features 36 cards with different sexual positions and activities, each marked either pink or blue to emphasize which pleasure is more desirable. When a player matches up two cards from the same color, s/he has fulfilled their “use now” card by getting busy on that position or activity. The first person to complete their “Use Now” card wins!

3. Kinky challenges by Joyfull couple (34,99)


If you're looking for hotter, kinkier ways to spice up your sex life during the holidays, look no further than The Kinky Challenges Card Game for couples. This must-have card game has new ideas and activities that will test your sexual limits—but also build trust and intimacy between you and your partner. Complete the challenge at hand and then enjoy the rewards! In case you are on a tighter budget, Joyful couple also offers printables.

4. Kamasutra challenge scratch-off poster by Scratchify (34,99)


A fun and exciting way to learn something new about your partner, this scratch-off poster will keep you both on your toes! The scratch-off poster contains over 100 sex positions and endless possibilities for enjoyment. Surprise your loved one with this unique gift that will keep you both guessing what's underneath!

5. Little coupon book 'sexy' by Laura's Paper Craft ( €24,23)


Even though this is a coupon book it still made our list since this gift will definitely bring out your playful side! For when you have a tight christmas schedule, filled with parties, dinners and drinks but are determined to spend some quality fun time together.

6. Lesbian card game for couples by Open Mity (€24,95)


This board game is specially designed for lesbian couples. Besides the easy game rules and beautiful watercolor illustrations this unique game will surely build anticipation.

7. Sex position cards by Fullfilling Desires (€9,22)


A naughty and fun deck of cards created to spice up your sex life! With this deck,which consists of 24 positions, you can experience all the greatest pleasures with your partner with the help of simple hints and tips. Great for couples that have a busy schedule during the holidays but still want to plan some quality time together. 

8. Kinky truth or dare game by Matchbox Printables (€6,11)


Remember truth or dare? This kinky truth or dare game is sure to be one you will remember more vividly. It's a lighthearted way of getting bedroom confessions out in the open and making it more fun than just the standard truth or dare. A downloadable product that suits every budget. Holiday season is already expensive enough as it is, right! 

9. Kinky advent calender by Your Relationship shop (€12,18)


Give yourselves something to look forward to this December! This kinky alternative advent calendar provides 25 different sex/kink inspired activities that will thrill any couple.  There are 25 different circles to scratch off (one for each day of December leading up to Christmas) but underneath each day will be a kinky activity for you to try together. Fun fact: this kinky advent calander is designed by Helen Alison, a trained Sex and Relationship educator.

10. Love battle ship by Open Mity (€24,95)


The Love Battleship game is the perfect naughty date night game. Bring more excitement and passion into your relationships with 50 playful foreplay and sex activities. Once you've completed all 50 challenges, don't stop - play again! Complete all 25 foreplay activities first and then you may reveal your finished grid so they can seek revenge with 25 playful sex activities.

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