13 best fantasy toy gifts for every fanatic Indie toy lover

13 best fantasy toy gifts for every fanatic Indie toy lover

Looking for a unique, handmade, and spicy gift this holiday season? Look no further than fantasy toys. Our top 13 list of fantasy toys will provide hours of fun and entertainment for the fantasy lovers in your life. Whether they like monsters, exophilia, aliens, or just want a toy that is out of the ordinary for once. These are genuinely extraordinary gifts. 

1. Pumpkin dildo by Bad Wolf (€100,00)


Everyone knows someone who just can't get enough of the spooky season. This handmade and body-safe sex toy is an excellent addition to anyone's toy collection. A pumpkin to spice up your holidays with. 


2. Slasher the Raptor dildo by Akifu Toys (€74,40)


The Slasher is a raptor dong inspired by the dangers of the Everglades and its haunting inhabitants. The rough ridges are meant for fast-paced riding. His bulging mid-section is for those who prefer a more full feeling and a scarred base echoing either the scraps he lost or the passion he plays with. Oh boy, what a toy! 


3. Foxtail dildo by Suendwarenkonditorei (€69,00)


This foxy dildo comes in vibrant colors to enhance your playful session. The dildo is handmade in Germany and made of platinum-cured silicone. An excellent addition for a person who already owns a foxtail buttplug. 


4. Horse Mustang dildo by Bad Wolf (medium, €145,00)


This one is for the ones who love giant handmade toys. 'The Mustang' is an Indie toy that is not for everyone but for a specific kind of dong connaisseur. Make sure to get enough wrapping paper for this one! As a special add-on, you can even add a cumtube. 


5. Fenyx dildo by Phreak Club (small, €73,93)


The Fenyx double dildo is a fantasy toy that is a 2-for-1 deal. This could be an absolute showstopper to add to any collection. In addition, you can customize this gift by choosing your own colors to make the gift even more personal. You can even add a drip to your pour.


6. Nether dildo by Gorilla Machine ( small, €55,00)


What to give someone who loves tentacles? The Nether in orange, gold, blue, and teal by Gorilla Machine. This small business from Portugal uses only body-safe materials. So you only have to consider whether you will put this gift under the Christmas tree.

7.The Witches Cauldron grinder by Odyssey Toys (soft, €76,95)


Not all toys on this list are designed for penetration. One of the best gift tips we can give you is a grinder, especially a grinder designed by Odyssey toys. This toy has a bubble ramp and tentacles. It's so pretty that the receiver of this gift will want to put it on display before and after play. You can even upgrade your gift with a bullet vibe. 


8. Wairu Dragon by BlackFang Labs (€60,00)


A gorgeous beast with solid ridges and an elongated tip. BlackFang labs is an Indie toymaker from Germany that raises the bar regarding fantasy toys. A great gift when you want to hit a home run this holiday season. Any toy enthusiast will love this present. Top it off with customized colors and you have got one hell of a present this year. 

9. Unicorn horn dildo by Angry Llama (€58,73)


Unicorn + dildo = a dream team. The toy, made by Angry Llama from the UK, is a pleasant medical-grade silicone toy with even better reviews. Customize the color profile on this toy to give the exact dream toy as a gift. 

10.Finn dildo by Neotori (medium, €74,95)


The colors on this Finn dildo give out a festive vibe already. Anyone would be lucky to receive this during Christmas. It even has a suction cup. This one is what Neotori calls 'a kinky guy'. Because of the directional stimulation and intense texture. 

11.Wölfing by tentickle toys (small, €75,95)


We are sharing the exact listing text with you that you can find on Tentickle's website as it is so good: "Midnight strikes. The moon is full and bright in the sky. You hear dead leaves crunching underfoot nearby, and the sound of low growling breathing approaches. Under the soft glow of moonlight you can make out a large animal silhouette, sniffing the air and moving carefully towards its prey: you". 

12. The Claw by Jack O Toy (medium, €80,50)


We have not seen anything like this! Jack O Toys fantasy toys are handmade in France. So we say: 'oui' to giving this toy as a gift this Christmas!  


13.Écho Daemellys by Fera Daemon (taille 2 ,€115,00)


This Gem by Fera Daemon literally looks like a gem. Or should we say crystal? The name "Echo" was given to the rustling sound emitted by the crystal when charged. A lovely fantasy toy for the lovers of crystals- and gorgeous fantasy sex toys. 

Haven't found what you are looking for, yet? Then continue your gift search. 

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