10 best erotic art gifts for that awesome artsy person in your life

10 best erotic art gifts for that awesome artsy person in your life

The erotic art category combines a mix of things that are great to give as gifts and look awesome on your walls. This list provides you with 10 artsy gift tips for the more open-minded art lovers. For example, if you want something for a friend or partner who is into kinky stuff, why not buy them a piece of handmade art that will inspire them? A bonus: you will support a small business. Win-win!  

We have also added some DIY art projects as a gift. These art gifts are suitable for every budget to make sure there is something for everyone.

1. Garter belt by Naughty Norman (€25,00)


This is the perfect addition to any erotic collection. This limited edition print of Naughty Normans handmade artworks called 'Garter Belt Booty' and shows a curvaceous woman in stockings, garter belt and flowing into her garment. The original version is drawn with liquid ink on paper, but this version has been digitally manipulated to give you a more modern feel.

2. Latex kitty by Luxje (€25,00)


Here Kitty Kitty! This A4 print made by the talented Luxje is a playful gift for people who enjoy kitty play and the feeling of latex. And look at that little mouse, isn't it the cutest? 


3. Tulips by Benno Eckstein (€33,00)


This erotic print is a work of art in its own right, and each copy is hand-signed, titled and stamped on the back by the artist with pride. The original linoleum cut is a black and white image depicting two lovers in passionate embrace.

4. Fiendish Facesitting by Naughty Norman (€25,00)


Monsters and aliens are becoming increasingly more popular. This limited edition print is an exquisite gift for exophilia fans. And death by a killer booty seems like a pretty good way to go.

Enjoy this piece of art while reading an Indie novel from Trish Heinrich or the podcast Smut tea stories to really get into the mood. If you really want to go all out this holiday season we suggest you add a fantasy toy to your gift list!


5.My fetish colouring book by Tilly Monster art (€22,05)


A NSFW colouring book that brings beautiful scenes to life. A mindful experience for every fetish lover.


6.Beth by The Seductive Stitch (€ 157,92)

kinky-embroidery-gift-idea.Fall in love with this stunning hand-crafted embroidery, in a 8" black hoop. Embodying a beautiful bridge between the refined and the erotic, between art and craft, it is a the perfect choice for a gift or a personal purchase! Perfect for rope bunnies and shibari fans.


7. Merry Clitmas By HildeAtalanta (€2,25)

erotic-art-gift-idea-vulva-art.Merry Clitmas! Celebrate the season with a card that will brighten up even the darkest of days. HildeAtlanta, who is from Amsterdam, offers a broad range of vulva art that is colorful and even wearable.

8. BDSM colouring book by Monsoon erotica (€6,04)


This BDSM-inspired colouringbook consists of 50 high-quality erotic coloring pages. Is your sub bratting out? Then this is the perfect gift that will make sure your sub is occupied for at least a couple of hours. Plus you both get to enjoy the end result.

9. Fazing fox by Naughty Norman (€25,00)



For the more furry minded art lovers this piece by Naughty Norman portrays a fox and bunny affair. This naughty and colorful piece is a limited edition print of a handmade artwork

10. Boss by Blacknallill (€14,70)


We never knew princesses are also into BDSM. This phenomenal piece of art is just as classy as it is sexy. Her leather top and hat look stunning on her! A great gift for D*sney fans with a kinky mind.

Did not find the gift you are looking for? Continue your search. 


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