Collection: Restraints

What are restraints?

Restraints such as handcuffs are used to restrain a partner. Meaning they are designed to prevent a person from moving freely. Restraints are common within the world of BDSM.

Other types of restraints are rope, tape, a restraint system, spreader bar, bed cuffs or a ball gag.

For who are restraints?

Restraints are for every adult person who likes to restrain a person and every adult person who likes to be restrained regardless of gender.

For people who are a part of a Dom/sub dynamic restraints are often a favorite during playtime.

How to use restraints?

Safety is key when using restraints. Discuss your hard and soft limits and have a safe word ready.

In case you are not able to speak when restrained, make sure you have a signal ready.

Make sure limbs do not go numb and you do not block arteries.

Cleaning tips restraints

How to best clean your restraints depends on what type you have bought. Check the recommendations the seller gives you or contact the seller to get more information.