Collection: Masturbator

What is a masturbator?

A mastubator is a sex toy designed for penis owners as a sex aid. It comes in various forms like: fantasy-creatures or human shapes.

A masturbator can increase sexual pleasure, give you insight in what you like and can train a person to delay an orgasm.

For who is a masturbator?

Masturbators are every adult with a penis, that wants to explore their own sexuality. A common misperception about mastubators is that it is a sex toy for lonely people. We call bullshit.

How do you use a masturbator?

Since lube it lit, we suggest you lube it up while getting erect. Then, once your hard-on is undeniable, stick it in the masturbator and move the mastubator up and down or round.

Experiment with how hard you thrust, squeeze and with the position the mastubator.

Masturbators can be used during solo-play as well as with a partner.

Cleaning tips masturbator

To get all the lube and cum out, rinse it with great enthusiasm. You want to get it all out before your next adventure. Use mild soap and let the masturbator out to dry properly.

Read the info provided by the sellers of the masturbator to get the best tips. A body-safe masturbator can last a long time if you take good care of it.