Collection: Impact Play

No pain no game is what they say. Are you curious about impact play? Look no further. This collection will definitely leave a mark- or rather a souvernier that makes you reminisce about the electrifying time you has with your lover, Dom, Master, Dominatrix or whoever your are planning with to release your happy chemicals.  Spank me later! 
Impact Play

What are impact play toys?

Impact play, which may or may not be sexual in nature, is a human sexual behavior in which one person is struck (often repeatedly) by another person. It is regarded as a variety of BDSM.

The toys people like to use during impact play are for example: paddles, whips, floggers and dragon tails.

For who are impact play toys?

Impact play toys are for all adults who are into impact play or want to experiment with it.

How do you use impact play toys?

Before engaging in impact play it's important to know your partners hard and soft limits. Communication is key here. A good way to start before you purchase an impact play toy is spanking.

Experiment with that and once you are both comfortable you proceed with toys that really sting!

Care tips impact play toys

If your impact play toys are made from leather we suggest you regularly clean your toys with a soft brush or cloth and moisture it with a leather care product.