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What is a mask?

Masks are a common item in the BDSM community. There are used to dress up, people wear them at parties, or for more serious BDSM types of play. Think of puppy play or kitten play.

Some masks prevent the person wearing it from speaking to increase the dominant and submissive dynamic.

For who is a mask?

A mask is for everyone who likes to indulge in any form of play. Either to dress up or to express a kink they are into. Essentially, masks are for every adult regardless their gender.

How do you use a mask?

We do hope that people buying one know how to put it on. In addition, when a masks prevents you from speaking in any way it is most safe to have a signal ready for when you want to stop.

Care tips for masks

Most masks are made of leather. Clean your masks every now and then with a soft cloth and threat the leather with some leather oil.