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What is a gape plug?

A gape plug is a hollow butt plug designed for anal play. It is used for anal stretching.

For who is a gape plug?

A gape plug is for every adult that is into anal play regardless of gender.

How to use a gape plug?

We recommend you first play around with your fingers and some lube before inserting the gape plug. Once relaxed, lube it up some more and insert the gape plug. Experiment with different positions to find the position that is best for you.

Once the gape plug is in and comfortable (wearing it should not hurt), you can use your fingers to stimulate the area. If the gape is big enough you can penetrate (with a sex toy).

Cleaning the gape plug

Rinse the gape plug and wash with mild soap after every use.

A glass or body-safe silicone gape plug can be disinfected by boiling it for a couple of minutes. let the silicone gape plug air dry before you store it.

Need to get rid of odors after using a silicone gape plug? Soak the plug in coconut oil, rinse and wash and let the gape plug air dry.