Collection: Adult and Couple Games


What are adult and couples games?

Adult games are games designed for adults. The ones on Konfettie aim to increase intimacy in your relationship. Card and board games will deepen your relationship through assignments, such as date suggestions. Don’t expect the obvious here!

For who are adult and couples games?

Loving couples, couples who are in a rough patch, couples who want more intimacr and more fun! Couples want to get to know each other even better and strengthen their relationship. Spicing things up is always a popular motivation. And we got the Carolina reaper flavored games,is that spicy enough for you?

How to play adult and couples games?

Easy peasy, read the manual. But most games are pretty straightforward and ready for you and your partner to try out and enjoy.

What are the benefits of playing adult and couples games?

Adult and couples games increase intimacy and are just plain fun.