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What is a cockring?

A cockring is a sex toy designed for penis owners to increase sexual pleasure. It is also used as a sexual performance enhancer.

A cockring is usually made of silicone but can also be made of steel. Some are even made of porcelain. It is a round object that comes in various sizes, of course. As not every penis is the same!

For who is a cockring?

Everyone with a penis and anyone who likes to play around with a penis.

It is an excellent toy to start with if you are not yet familiar with sex toys. This is because the toy is not invasive, small en easy to use.

How do you use a cockring?

It's easiest to put on a cockring when the penis is erect. Get your cockring and put it on the stiff base.

If you put it around while the penis is getting to an erect state, the feeling of tightness that is increasing can be a nice bonus.

Does it hurt? Take it off.

Cleaning tips cockring

Depending on the material, it's always good to rinse it afterward. Especially if you are a lover of lube we suggest using a mild soap when cleaning the cockring

If your toy is made from body-safe silicone, you can boil it for a couple of minutes.