Collection: Buttplug

What is a buttplug?

A buttplug is an anal toy that plugs your butt to increase sexual pleasure. Butt plugs come in various shapes, sizes and materials. A buttplug should have a wider base or should be flared to make sure it does not get lost in your body.

For who is a buttplug?

A buttplug is suitable for adults (of any gender with an anus) that are into anal play.

How do you use a buttplug?

First off, play around in the area with your fingers a bit. Once relaxed lube up the butt plug and try to find a position that works for you when inserting it. Does it hurt? Take it slower or stop there.

Cleaning tips buttplug

Generally, butt plugs can be washed with soap and water or sex toy cleaner, but always check the care instructions.

To get rid of bacteria and odor, boil body-safe silicone buttplugs for a couple of minutes in water.

Make sure you store your plug in a dry, clean place where it will not get damaged. If it comes with a storage bag, use it.