Why buying sex toys from Wish is the worst idea ever

Once upon a time - ok, 3 weeks ago - the Konfettie team tried some WISHful thinking. They ordered this seemingly interesting 15 piece sex toy set on WISH -  in all its vibrant variations of purple - and they received this pleasure package about one week later. That day, they immediately stopped WISHful thinking. The end. 



So, this is what happened. We opened this (not so sexy, to say the least) plastic garbage-like bag, without anything relevant on it, curious of what we would find inside. Little did we know that this curiosity would be replaced with disbelief and a fair share of laughter in the blink of an eye. 

You know this feeling of opening a bag with freshly-baked bread and being pleasantly overwhelmed with the smell? This was kind of the same, apart from the fact that the content of this bag smelled like a plastic junkyard. Could be your thing, no judgment, but under the guise of our body-safe mission we started off hesitant.

Unfortunately, the things we perceived with our other senses did not improve the experience. All pieces looked and felt cheap, dirty, and sticky (the list of shameful adjectives could go on and on), most of the toys were a lot smaller than portrayed and it included no information about materials or usage whatsoever. Let’s walk you through the content of the bag.

What did we order? 

1.Condoms Two strips of condoms. They would be more in place in an episode of Jackass.
2.Bullet vibrator - Out in the open, not even bothered to put in a package or anything.
3.Purple vibrator stick thing - Has a CE logo. Sure. And what type of battery goes in there?toxic-and-porous-sex-toys-from-wish.
4.Two nipple (?) vacuum things - Uh, how the f*ck does this work? We tried it on our nipples and did not feel a thing. And why is one of them dirty?


5. Another bullet - Ok, this one is packed. In plastic, but (like all items) without any info.



6. Deformed, almost like it melted, butt plug - The base is wrinkled and it has ridges on it. Case of far-reaching indifference or a production mistake?
7. Another tiny buttplug - A for effort trying to make a flared base, but it still looks so tiny you could lose it in your body. Hello, ER.
8. Another buttplug with a small flared base - See number 7. 
toxic-cheap-and-porous-sex-toys-from-wish-china. 9Pink bullet-like vibrator - Not a clue what type of battery goes in there. Again.
10. Anal Beads, we think? - Lol, are these beads to put in your butt or is this a key chain? 
sexy-old-school-dice-cheap-from-wish-china. 11. Sexy dice - Do we still live in 1990?
toxic-cheap-and-porous-sex-toys-from-china-wish-order. 12. Pink vibrator - Looks dirty and flimsy, like it’s a b-choice that would have been discarded by a real brand. Again there is a CE mark. So far with our trust in fair CE marking.
13. Again, a purple tiny buttplug - Your body swallowing up a non-body-safe toy is not a joke.
porous-and-toxic-sex-toy-purple-from-china-wish-order.14. Another bullet, this time with a dinosaur look - This has definitely not been checked. One of the wings is literally broken.


15. A fingerbang addition? - A weird, sticky smelly thing. They saved the best for last. Not. 


We got an extra item, another purple thing to put on a bullet or on your finger. Instructions please! 

What is it made of?  

The evidently poor quality of the toys is one thing, but what disgusted us even more is the fact that - while the website says “material: silicone+ABS” - there is nothing to be seen and read about the material(s) the items are made of.

We didn’t leave it at that. Flexible and open-minded as we are, we decided to contact the WISH seller on January 17th. When in doubt, ask. Right? Well, that didn’t go as planned. The way tax evaders hide important details, Spring Dawn - God only knows why this WISH customer service employee compares himself with a ray of light - dodged our question like a ninja. Honestly, that career change would not even be a bad idea for this person. 


When we asked, politely, if SD - can’t handle this person’s full name again - wanted to specify the materials of every single item, he answered: “Organic silica gel is used”. The moment we questioned that and asked whether this is the material every single item is made of, because the toys we got are definitely made from all kinds of materials, he told us that “the material of the product is different, but it is absolutely not harmless to the body, thank you”. Well, at least we got a “thank you”. 

It's absolutely harmless

Ok, a quick recap. The product description on the website says silicone + ABS and the seller names organic silica gel, before admitting that the products are made of yet another material. “It’s absolutely harmless, but we are not going to tell you what it’s made of.” What a joke. Liar liar, my pants are now on fire. 

Our verdict is loud and clear. This sex toy set is far from body-safe, even though this is stated on the website. You don’t have to be an expert to see, feel and smell the level of toxicity and porosity in the ordered items. 

First of all, body-safe silicone doesn’t smell like anything. Secondly, body-safe materials aren’t sticky. Lastly, selling dirty toys without any attached information on materials should be a crime in itself. Since we did not get a useful answer from the only people that could give us one, we have no clue how toxic the pieces actually are. I mean, if the seller itself has no idea, how on earth can we?

WISH is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get. Maybe you have more luck ordering an actual box of chocolates. No guarantees. Meanwhile, you can order fully substantiated, confirmed and explained body-safe items at After all, you’re worth WISHing for quality. 

Hey, WISH! Know thy sex toys materials.

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