What superb body-safe materials you should know by heart when buying sex toys

When your meal turns out to be full of expired ingredients, would you still eat it? Probably not. Just like you're careful about the food you put in your body and the cosmetics you put on your skin, it's equally important to avoid potentially dangerous compounds that can be found in your sex toys.

After all, you don’t want to harm yourself or your bed partner during your delightful escapades. How you know which materials are body-safe? Well, by reading this blog. 

With an unregulated sex toy industry, the safety of consumers heavily depends on their own knowledge about body-safe materials. While speaking up for your right to safe adult goods, practice what you learned in this blog (and coming ones) to protect yourself from dishonest manufacturers. Lastly, only purchase sex toys from stores committed to ensure consumer well-being and non-toxic fun.

Therefore, in order for a new seller to be approved on the Konfettie website, we always check if the sex toys created by this vendor are made of non toxic and non porous materials. 


Non toxic and non porous materials for body-safe sex toys
When you are searching for the perfect, body-safe sex toy, non toxic and non porous materials are the only way to go. The porous sex toy type absorbs and therefore makes a great bacteria magnet that is imposisble to clean, while non porous toys simpy can’t soak up any dirt due to their smooth surface. 


Because of the lack of rules and regulations, a lot of retailers preach their adult products are body-safe while they clearly aren’t. That’s not our kind of play. By knowing the materials you need to look for in the description of a product, you will be able to see right through this shady sham. 

When you shop for sex toys, these are the materials you want to find on the package:

  • Pure silicone (medical grade/platinum)

  • ABS hard plastic

  • Metal or stainless steel

  • Borosilicate glass

  • Ceramic

  • Wood

Metal and wooden sex toys? Your brain might be rattling. Don’t worry, we will talk about these non toxic and non porous sex toys materials way more eleborate and detailed in the upcoming blogs. Stay tuned! And until then: keep checking your sex toy packages and descriptions on the safe, strong and sexy materials above. 

Read more about what materials are not bodysafe.

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