Top 10: What's something people use as a sex toy that's not a sex toy?

We've all tried something at some point, right? This is not an inspirational post but a blog to show you that we are all human. We all experiment sexually, even with non-body safe toys or items that are not even sex toys at all! Can we laugh about it, sure! Our solution is simple, though: shop body-safe sex toys at Konfettie, and you are set. For now, let us entertain you. 

1.Lost and found
'Long story short, she lost a baby carrot in her vagina'. 

Not the worst thing you can lose in your vagina. We would advise you to squat like you would in a killer cross-fit class and hope that it pops out. Can you imagine going to the Doctor with this? Eh, What's up, Doc? 


 2.Creative Reusing 
'"I've tried using a banana peel as a pocket pussy...don't use a banana peel as a pocket pussy."

This person's advice is to not make the same mistake he did. This technique might have an upside, though. What if your partner likes banana flavor? We see a win-win situation there if the sensation of the banana peel around your dick is acceptable. Afterward, your penis will smell and taste like a banana!


"I fucked a cantaloupe as a teen. Did it twide and my mom was surprised how i "ate"all the cantaloupe so quickly." 
The question is: Did he or did he not eat the melon after using it? Or did he throw out the whole thing after fucking it? I guess we will never know. 


'" Fucked a sofa (put my dick between the cushions and had some fun)."

This one kind of blew us away! We think it's genius! It's comfortable, there's friction, you can find one in every home. This could be a winner if you ask us. 


5.Different ball game 
reddit-post-used-golf-ball-as-butt-plug."Mean, I shoved a golf ball up my ass. Felt like laying an egg to get it out." 

The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size. Luckily the anus does. We are wondering: was the 'laying an egg part' the fun part? Or was this the beginning of a chicken roleplay kink? Cluck, cluck...let's fuck? 


6.Skillful Snorkeling 
'When I just discovered mastrubation I used a snorkling tube to suck my own dick through the tube, then jacked off inside it. Fucking loved that thing. Unfortunately my dick became too big for the tube. And I realized the implications of sucking my own dick air'. 

 What if: his dick did not outgrow the tube? Would' sucking own dick air' still prevail over the sensation that we will describe as a blow suck snorkeling-job? Or would he have continued performing this fascinating technique? We think the latter. 

If you are interested in buying a toy like this, let us know, and we will talk to our sellers about this. Who knows, we might even start two revolutions.

 One: the body safe revolution Two. The blow-suck-snorkeling-job-device for men. 


7.Brrr, it's cold in here
'"Filled a condom with water and put it in the freezer as home made dildo. Very cold to put inside, dont Reccomend."

 This one gave us the chills though we do get it. It's rock hard, it's body-safe, and you get to play around with temperature. A for effort! Especially for our blog readers, we put a condom filled with water in the freezer just to take a picture of it. It looks cool, but we were not tempted to use it. 


 8.Spongebob in a can of Pringles 
"I have a friend who used a pringle can, some sponges, a few rubber bands, and a condom to make a makeshift fleshlight."

It's time that more men become aware of all the cool sex toys that are available to them! But, wait,  back to the sponges. We are super curious if it were the abrasive ones or not. For someone who's into self-flagellation, this could be an exciting experiment. 


 9.Did they eat the meat afterward, though? reddit-post-used-turkey-meat-as-sex-toy.
"I once fucked a turkey not a live one but the meat. Wore a condom because I was scared of getting some sorta infection."

Good call on the condom, my friend. Good call. Was it a whole turkey or perhaps just two turkey breasts? We do hope you got rid of the turkey. 

If not, we nominate this story as one of the weirdest Thanksgiving stories. Can you imagine eating a turkey that has been fucked before cooking? I can almost taste the latex.


10.Just read this one yourself.. We have no words for this

'"When I was at school, I walked into a random classroom and a group of girls were playing Truth or Dare. I heard one of them say "Ok. So what's the weirdest thing you put in your vagina while masturbating? I'll go first, a toilet brush."

Do you still want to follow your curiosity? But don't want to try out any of the suggestions mentioned above? And more important, keep it body-safe? Then find your sex toys on Konfettie. We curate our vendors so that you can get the best, body-safe items. I assure you, we have way sexier items on our marketplace than a toilet brush. Wink Wink. 

Disclaimer: we do not sell any of the above items as sex toys nor do we advise you to use them as sex toys.  

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