The Incredible and Creative World of Indie Sex Toy Creation

The Incredible and Creative World of Indie Sex Toy Creation

If you’re checking out Konfettie you’ve likely already started down the road of learning about body-safe sex toys, congrats! Did you know there’s a whole ecosystem of independent “indie” artists slinging platinum-cure silicone and creating handmade sex toys?

There are fun and colourful indie alternatives to mass manufactured toys, if you know where to look. Take a dive and discover what makes indies worth it!

Header image:An assortment of colourful indie toys from a variety of makers. Pictured are an Over Egg (OS, Jabbercocky), Godama (M, Hodge Podge Entourage), Gelle (Relaxed/OS, Strange Bedfellas), Nereid (M, Paladin Pleasure Sculptors), Petrichor (L, Made To Were), Slavermaw (M, The Wicked Hunt), Batou (L, Strange Bedfellas), Vishap (S Plug, Wyverns Vault)

Why Choose Indies?

When you buy an indie toy you’re supporting a small business and skilled craftsperson. Every toy is handmade and one-of-a-kind, from start to end. Models are either sculpted by hand, or digitally sculpted and 3D printed, and then finished before preparing the master for mold building. To produce toys, makers mix pigments into liquid silicone to create unique colour blends, then vacuum degas the silicone mixture before pouring into molds. Once the toys are fully cured, the toys are pulled from the molds, inspected for flaws or “flops,” trimmed, washed, and bagged. It’s a very hands-on process!

Indies don’t just make dildos, there’s a whole smorgasbord of sex toys out there! You can also find makers producing anal-safe (or butt specific) toys, kegel eggs, external grinders, wand toppers, mini and full-size strokers and penetrable toys; and accessories such as ball gags, cockrings, paddles, suction cups and more.

The resulting toys truly can be described as artisanal, in the best way. When you buy indie you support artists making fun and functional pieces of art! Some of the artisanal businesses you can find on Konfettie are: Bad Wolf, BlackFang labs, Akifu Toys, Dking, Suendwarenkonditorei, BigBadBoner, Neotori, Phreak Club, Gorilla Machine and Deef Creations.

Beautifully Body-Safe

Many mass-market toys are often a single, flat colour, with limited options to choose from. How often have you seen the same basic black, purple, pink or “flesh” choices when browsing? Indie toys, on the other hand, are often poured in multiple  colours and a variety of styles, like marbles and fades. Colours may also be UV reactive or glow in the dark (GITD), depending on the pigments used. Micas and micro-fine, cosmetic glitters may also be used to add some shimmer and sparkle. Indie toys are often a feast for the eyes!

Many makers opt to use cosmetic-grade pigments for extra safety. This means that, in addition to being non-toxic, the ingredients are approved as eye- and/or lip-safe in the USA or EU. It’s important to note that every maker has their own pour styles, and stances on what ingredients they’ll work with. For example not all makers use GITD pigments or cosmetic glitter - it’s a matter of preference and what they feel comfortable with.

green-blue-purple-fantasy-sex-toys. An assortment of colourful toys from a variety of makers. Pictured are a Changeling (M, Fantasy Grove), Cyerce Stowaway (Standard, XenoCat Artifacts), Offbeats (Grande, Tentacle and Bubble, Godemiche), Scylla (M, Hodge Podge Entourage), Reactor Ring (Medium, XenoCat Artifacts), Vishap (M Base, Wyverns Vault), Polypon (M, Pleasure Forge), Kose (L, Creature Feature Toys), Minotaur (M, Wandering Bard Toys)

Something for Everyone

Indie toys are truly diverse! While you can definitely find some more traditional (or abstract) humanoid, phallic toys out there, indie models often lean towards more fantastical and fun shapes. Some shops specialize in fantasy toys, which can best be described as models that take their inspiration from non-human sources like mythical creatures and monsters. Makers all have their own niches, themes and inspirations, and as such there’s a cornucopia of dongle designs out there!

meme-girl-gets-offered-plates-full-of-pancakes-that-represent-fantasy-toy-choices. Just a small sample of indie toy themes you can find: Abstract, Aliens, Furry, Monsters, Plants and Robots.

Insertable toys are often available in multiple sizes, compared to more standard one-size (OS) offerings in most sex shops, so there is a variety of sizes to fit folks’ needs and wants! Toys are generally released as a range of Small, Medium and Large, occasionally with Mini/XS, XL or XXL lineup additions. Some makers even use their own naming systems, using thematically appropriate names for sizes, which can also be more inclusive. You’ll often find model specifications listed when browsing. These typically include measurements such as total/overall length, usable length, and diameter and/or circumference for various parts of the shaft (head, widest point, base, etc.).

Toys are also often poured in a variety of firmnesses, many quite a bit softer than typical sex shop offerings. Mass-market dildos often use the firmer A-shore range of silicone, while indies often work with softer 00-shores. This is especially true for makers of fantasy toys, which often run larger size-wise. As a general rule of thumb, the girthier a toy is, the firmer it will usually feel. See the Indie Toy Firmness Guide for some tips and considerations when choosing the right firmness for you. Individuals often have their own preferences for firmness, so trying different options can help you figure out your own!

With the variety in sizes, shapes and firmnesses available there really is something for everyone!

Tip: If you’re looking for a body-safe alternative to soft and squishy “jelly” dildos, consider toys poured in 00-30 or 00-20 silicone (often referred to as soft and super soft respectively). And yes, if you haven’t heard, jelly toys are widely considered unsafe! Dangerous Lily has a great post outlining why they’re problematic. TLDR: jelly toys are made of an unstable mix of materials - which means they degrade, are porous, can leach nasty chemicals and may cause adverse skin reactions! 


Where to Find Indies

Many makers have their own store websites where they sell their wares, check out @fewhoneydew’s Silicone Fantasy Toy Maker Masterlist as a starting point! Some shops do have partnerships with online or brick and mortar boutiques that allow them to carry select items. This info can usually be found under Vendor or FAQ sections on the maker’s website if applicable.

Screenshot showing the list of retailers Godemiche goods can be found at.

Fair warning, you’ll rarely find reputable indies selling first-hand on Amazon, Wish, Alibaba/AliExpress or random online stores! Sex toys being sold on such sites are usually cheap white-label or unbranded wholesale goods of unknown quality being resold or drop-shipped. Buyer beware!

Previously, many makers could also be found on Etsy, but with policy and fee changes over the years, many have moved off the platform. Indies offering fantasy toys in particular have been shut out recently via widespread product delistings.

On social media many makers have a presence on Twitter, as it’s a relatively more NSFW-friendly platform. Some shops may also be active on Instagram or TikTok, check their website for social links. Keep an eye on social media for drop dates, product announcements and more! Additionally, some shops may have an optional email newsletter, to keep you updated on shop information and drop details!


Shopping Indies

As indie toys are handmade, they’re available in limited quantities. Some shops are run by a single person, while others consist of small teams - usually fewer than five people! Makers mainly sell their wares in one of two ways: via inventory drop, or made-to-order (MTO).

A drop refers to a group of items being listed for sale all at once. Drops vary in size from a handful of toys to several hundred. Some shops drop on an ad-hoc, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Always check a shop’s website or social media for info on upcoming drops!

Made-to-order, also known as “customs,” refers to toys that are poured as ordered. MTO listings let you select the model, size and firmness you’d like to purchase. You can normally select colours from a provided swatch list, and some makers may offer the choice of a named or seasonal pour (set group of colours in a set style). MTOs have varying turnaround times based on queue, do be sure to check estimated wait time before ordering. Indies aren’t Amazon, so please don’t expect 2-day production and shipping!

Phreak club and their seasonal pour ‘Beetlejuice’.

Editors note: Exciting news, PhreakClub is onboarding with Konfettie! 

It’s important to note that indie toys are handmade, and may have small imperfections or quirks resulting from the various production steps they go through. Things like a stray fingerprint on a hand sculpted model, slightly visible printer line leftover after sanding a 3D print, or tiny pigment freckles, for example. Most minor imperfections don’t affect usability or cleaning, anything potentially needing more attention and care is often marked as a flop. Be sure to read listings thoroughly before purchasing! If you are ever concerned about a mark or possible imperfection on your toy, please reach out to the maker! Shops are happy to explain what is normal and help you with your toy/order.

The world of indies is vast and colourful! I encourage folks to consider supporting indie makers, if you’re curious check out some of the resources linked below. You never know what kinds of wonderful toys you’ll discover next!

Start shopping at Konfettie and find your new artisan and fantasy sex toy.

Gecko’s Resources

Intro to Body-Safe Indie Silicone Toys - An introductory infographic set covering what to look for in a body-safe indie toy. PDF link available in thread.

Shopping for Indie Toys - An infographic set diving deeper into how to shop for indie toys. Includes info about common language used, and how inventory drops and made-to-orders work in the indie world. PDF link available in thread.

Indie Toy Firmness Guide - An overview about the different firmnesses indies work with, and considerations on how to pick the right firmness for you. PDF link available in thread.

Let’s Talk About: Intellectual property (IP) theft, knock-offs, suspiciously cheap toys and more! - Thread covering issues around knock-off toys, and unsafe wholesale dupes that have been popping up.

Other Resources and Links

Oh Joy Sex Toy’s Indie Stores Comic - A fun intro to some well known indie makers and their offerings!

@fewhoneydew’s Silicone Fantasy Toy Maker Masterlist - A great reference listing indies around the world, a good starting point to find shops to check out! Included are shop and social media links, and a symbol guide denoting types of products carried. Also included is a small buyer beware section listing shops with well-known issues.

@KateVulpes’s Fantasy Toy Firmness Chart - Not all indies refer to silicone firmnesses the same way. One shops medium firm shore may be referred to as soft by another. This reference document lists the various shores used by shops, and how they’re labelled.

@pisqdroptrack Drop Tracking/New Releases - This account provides info about upcoming drops for several indies. Drop dates and times are available in both their pinned tweet and tracking spreadsheet. If you’re unsure of drop schedules this is a good place to check.

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Gecko is a passionate collector of colourful silicone and a member of the indie community on Twitter. Collecting for over two years their collection has grown to over 150 toys from 20+ shops, including makers from 🇨🇦, 🇺🇸, 🇬🇧 and 🇦🇺. They are a “Class G Goblin” who contributes infographics and educational resources to the community. 💚

Read 'The ultimate guide into the world of the astonishing indie sex toy pours' by Gecko. 

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