The 3 people behind the fascinating body-safe fantasy sex toys from Neotori

Once upon a time, three German individuals had an epiphany. What they did not apprehend is that, 10 years later, this epiphany would turn out to be life changing.

Their creative minds, ambition and fair bit of courage, evolved in the creation of body safe adult toys from another dimension. Here’s a gentle reminder that life really does have a funny way of working out – and that sometimes, it’s worth taking a risk. 

The story of Sebastian Pohl, Martin Babel and Cornelia Babel, began with a personal journey to find sex toys they desired to buy themselves. They soon came to the conclusion that the market didn’t offer any. Under the guise of: “If you can't get it, make it yourself”, they decided to stop searching and start creating. And so they did. As Neotori. 


Fascinating fantasy sex toys are great, but body safe fascinating fantasy sex toys are way greater. From the start in 2018, Sebastian, Martin and Cornelia considered offering totally safe products as the only possible option. That’s why there’s not a single in or out of any of their products that they’re not aware of.

All materials, colors, substances and chemical components have their own data sheet and are tested by official public health department labs with high standards. The toys are made of body safe medical grade platinum cured silicone and the pigments used to dye the silicone are body safe too. The best thing about it all? Everything is EU sourced.


Good relationships with partners are important to the Neotori three. The fact that they are (literally and figuratively) close with all of their manufacturers, makes it easier to transparently create the perfect toy that every customer deserves. If the result is not 100%, there is no result at all. That is proven by all flawed products - even the small cosmetic ones - that end up on the giant pile of goners. Bye, Felicia. 

For the future, Neotori hopes and expects that people will be more aware of body safety and that there will be more body safe products in circulation. They aspire to create a bigger variety of toys to cater every desire, while always maintaining their quality standards. 


Whether you are a fantasy sex toy collector, a newbee or anything in between, you are more than welcome to contact Neotori to find out if your fantasy can become reality. The sky is not the limit, beyond the sky is. The end.

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