The Konfettie favorites of vaginismus educator Azia

The Konfettie favorites of vaginismus educator Azia

Play Partner Azia and her Konfettie favorites 

Azia is an Author, public speaker, and key thought leader on vaginismus and vulvodynia. 

Besides running a successful TikTok account and educating people about vaginismus, she has joined Konfettie's Play Partner Affiliate Program. 

ind Azia on TikTok

To celebrate this, we asked her: what are your favorites from our sex positive marketplace These are the products Azia loves the most and would recommend to her followers.

1. Kissable massage candle by OpenMity ( € 24,95)


“ Sex toys and props don't have to involve penetration or even the vagina! A popular outercourse style is giving your partner a sensual massage. This candle is perfect to set the mood (plus, it's mouth-friendly ). Add more warm wetness to your play. Studies even show heat can increase blood flow, which can help engorge the clitoris, elongate the vagina and boost sexual arousal. I definitely recommend this new sex toy addition.” 

2. Date night box with sex game by OpenMity ( € 34,95)


“ What's the best sex toy on the market? Your throat. And I'm not talking about just oral play. It's communication, baby. Being comfortable communicating your deep desires, wants, and boundaries are essential for consensual body-quaking sex. Especially if one or both partners have a condition where penetrative sex is not on the cards, exploring erogenous zones and sharing how you want to be touched is essential! “ 

This Date Night Box is a fun gift for your partner or date idea to carve time out for intimacy and set the scene for those steamy honest conversations! Talk about your pleasures in a sensuous bath with these bath creamers, light a candle and a lil' scratch-off love card game.

3. Erotic postcards handmade by Tobias Kruppa's Art ( € 12,-)


“Living with vaginismus can make us feel like our bodies are "not good enough" or that they fail us because we can't have penetrative sex. But these limiting beliefs hold us back from exploring our pleasures and giving ourselves sensual care and appreciation for our bodies (after all, they do amazing things for us every day). It is time we shift this narrative and understand that we are worthy of pleasure, hot sex, and feeling sexy, regardless of our condition!” 

These cute handmade postcards are perfect for hanging as wall art or sitting on your bedside table. They are sweet reminders to celebrate your body and embrace your feminine energy. And they make adorable gifts for a friend!

There you have it, the top favorites of our Play Partner Azia. 

Want to learn more about Azia then read our blog: Breaking the Stigma: Azia's Personal Journey with Vaginismus and Vulvodynia

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