Open your mouth and stick out your tongue #SpitTok explained

Open your mouth and stick out your tongue #SpitTok explained

Have you ever looked at your TikTok feed and wondered: what are these kinky people doing? Konfettie is here to help you out! 

If you are into kink or exploring the world of kink, you might have come across some interesting videos. Who knows, they might have turned you on just the slightest bit. 

You can find all sorts of kinks on TikTok. Most of them are abbreviated to fit in a hashtag, with the most popular one being #KinkTok. 
We are starting off with #spittok. Yes, spit or saliva, dribble, drool or slobber. 

What do you see in these videos? 
All Tiktoks build up to the point of a person spitting on the lens. Or right next to the lens or anywhere else. With text like "POV: ur laying in my lap."

A nurse asks you to "Say Aaah" followed by a "look at you, a good little boy" and then…spit! Another popular one is people who playback with the sound: "I would never let a man spit in my mouth, I don't know why ya'll keep saying, spit in my mouth, spit in my mouth." The next thing you see is a person looking at the lens and spitting at it. Getting warm yet?

Some TikTok's are more banter than others. But they all have the hashtag SpitTok. Do you think this is weird? The hashtag #spittok has over 120.0M views, and the top-performing TikToks receives 115,1K likes. This might not be your cup of tea, but it definitely is for a lot of people! 


What is a spit fetish? 

Spitting in someone's mouth or on someone is a pretty dominant action. One that should never be performed without explicit consent beforehand. 
We define a spit fetish as getting turned on by either being spat on or spitting on someone. 

A saliva fetish is a bit different. This revolves around the skin's look, feel, and sensation of saliva. How is this different? The person with a spit fetish also enjoys the humiliation of spitting on someone or being spat on. 


What do people enjoy about a spit fetish? 

Someone in a Dominant role can feel very comfortable with this act. But, it has a humiliation and degradation factor. And it has to do with a feeling of power. Also, a sense of someone being entirely yours. So, you can do that to them while no one else may be entitled. Prrrr!

Does this mean that everyone who enjoys spitting on someone else is considered a Dom or Mistress? Most certainly not. 

From the other perspective, the receiver. The fact that someone would do that to you can be a turn-on already. Letting someone do this means proving your submissives (only with your consent). This can be heaven for a person who gets turned on by humiliation.                                     


What do people online share about their spit fetish?



For this one guy on Reddit, a girl grabbing his face during cowgirl position and spitting in his mouth followed up with a sloppy kiss would end his life, in a good way! That's hot! 


This person shares that they have a bit of a degradation kink and is really into it! No shame in this! 


The last one we want to share with you is interesting. This person is only turned on by a woman spitting in his mouth, not looking at other people doing it. Guess he won't be looking at all those #spittoks. 

In the podcast poly and Prosecco- Fetish diaries, they have dedicated a whole episode about spit fetish. 

The three hosts tried it out and said it was a raging success. Why? It's about chemistry. You can't taste a person enough. A possession thing. It feels like a way to have a little bit more of you. 
Listen to the podcast to get the explicit, exciting, entertaining, full version. It's refreshing to hear these hosts talk about this subject in such a candid and straightforward matter. 


How to start exploring your spit fetish? 

Play around- maybe under the shower. Or perhaps show someone a #spittok video and see what happens. Who knows, the other person might be more open-minded than you think! 


Didn't get a hard no? Continue the conversation without judgment. Tell each other why you would enjoy this fetish and what you would not enjoy. 
Listen to a podcast about this topic together- a bit of audio voyeurism might start up the conversation. Or share your thoughts after reading this blog. 
And if you'd like to continue, what are the hard and soft limits within that fetish? For example: do you only want to be spit in the mouth, or only on your body and not your face. 
Going solo? Then keep enjoying all those #spittok videos out there. One can only dream that it will become a reality- soon.


You have a spit fetish. Now what?

So, you feel aroused by spitting on someone or being spat on? This does not mean that you are a hardcore BDSM type who likes to indulge in all other fetishes. It's your life, do whatever you want but be sane about it. Unfortunately, we are still living in a pandemic. 
Is someone giving you a hard time about your preferences? Red flag alert!

Don't allow them to kink shame you because there is absolutely nothing wrong with a spit fetish.

Keep creating #spittoks, and maybe Missy Elliot will rewrite her hit to join in on the hype. Get your Spit on! 

Are you more into preventing your bed-partner from spitting on you?

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