Looking for an artist to visualize your naughty thoughts? You're welcome!

Looking for an artist to visualize your naughty thoughts? You're welcome!

Naughty Norman is loved in his very own Rotterdam as well as all around the world. He is a Dutch artist that ventured to more provocative forms of art. Correction: more provocative, sexy forms of art. He, or actually the name of the project with all the naughty ideas he wants to visualize, is called Naughty Norman. And let’s be honest: if his visualizations are as good as his name, what can possibly go wrong?

It all started at the art school his parents sent him to because he was already talking about that place since the cradle. Little did they know that their boy would turn out to be an expert in erotic art. Sovereign in playful sexiness. Bold and, literally and figuratively, ballsy. Might just be a coincidence that sounds a lot like Banksy. 


In 2019, Naughty Norman posted his first daring piece on Instagram and it went as viral as can be. Unfortunately, the social media platform didn’t appreciate his art like the rest of us did and his account was deleted up to 5 times until he started the somewhat censored profile he still uses today. Don’t worry, your orders will obviously always contain the full, uncensored, explicit versions. 


What’s even better, is that the colorful creator mostly works commissioned by customers. And those purchasers appear to be remarkably creative. “From a man that wanted to be portrayed as half a caged fox on his knees surrounded by several feline looking women with strap-ons, to a woman that asked to be portrayed as a mistress with chained men around her”; there’s not a single topic, vision or idea that Naughty Norman can’t put into a unique artwork. You are, after all, his inspiration. 


The admired artist describes his work as colorful with a wink and a fair bit of humor. This translates in how people experience watching and buying his art, which is feeling happy, turned-on or both. “People share stories with me and they take photos of themselves or their homes. I did not expect to enjoy the contact with them as much as I do.” The main goal, therefore, is to make the lives and homes of his customers a little bit prettier and more fun. At least, before he takes over the world. 

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