How social distancing and lockdowns are boosting the sex toy industry

It was the end of 2021, and the sex toy market grew explosively. One of the reasons for this growth has been COVID. Are you surprised about this fact? Well, the pandemic makes us frisky! Here's why! 

With the introduction of worldwide lockdowns and spending more time at home, people have become more adventurous sexually. Forbes, yes...THE Forbes wrote an article about buzzing sex toy sales. 

They state that: 'various reports suggest that sex toy sales have been, ahem, up since schools and workplaces started closing and people have been asked to stay at home.' The more time we spend at home the more bored we become- sounds logic right? 

According to the study, European Sexual Wellness Market Forecast to 2024, other contributors to this growth are the gender-neutral tone in the market and progressive investor confidence. Furthermore, due to the increased demand for innovative sexual products (mostly womens products), the market attracts all new kinds of start-ups. 

This study only looked at established companies like Lelo. Imagine how much bigger this industry really is, considering all the smaller companies (like those selling on Konfettie) that are not taken into account yet!



In addition, Netflix supports the sex-toy industry with their so-called Netflix effect. Shows like Sex education and Bonding are informative and entertaining. By airing these shows and reaching millions and millions, Netflix is reducing the taboo's around these topics and, as a result introducing the public to sex toys, a whole lot of consent, BDSM, and fetishes. 

This might even lead to people discovering their unknown or not yet found kinks. Watching these shows, you would think everyone has at least one or two kinks up their sleeve.  

Imagine this: you watch a show about kink and sex with your spouse, lover, or date. Whatever! You notice that something catches your interest: you see a person on the screen getting spanked and liking it. So you playfully ask the person next to you to give it a try. Naughty!  

This request could be a significant first step in exploring your sexuality or sexual dynamic. In addition, you do not have to start the conversation yourself, which takes a lot of the pressure off. 

Of course, not everyone will agree that the pandemic has made them more frisky. Some people feel more anxiety and stress. These feelings can negatively influence your libido and relationship(s). Spending too much time with your partner can be stressful too. 
The Guardian takes it a step further in an article with the title: Self Love in isolation, saying that: 'The demand is not just for sex toys, but anything to get couples out of an intimacy rut and to encourage everyone to have more sex while stuck at home.'  

OpenMity, a Latvian company creating couples games, is rapidly growing by ensuring they can offer their games in multiple languages. They are thriving because of the pandemic making sure couples can discover their sexuality and, maybe more important, improve communication by playing their games. 



And the pandemic is far from over yet. Today, more European countries are moving to a 2G model where the rights of unvaccinated are restricted while cases of infection are rising. 

So how do you go about dating then? Sick and tired of going for walks with people who turn out to be a deception? Or do you have issues going to places because you are not vaccinated? Maybe it's time for some self-love instead. 
Jessica Zucker from Instyle wrote an article titled:Masturbating Can Help You Cope With Anxiety — Seriously. She talks about masturbation as a reset button and seeing pleasuring oneself as a form of self-care. It's not only about having fun and exploring. Orgasms might be a way to deal with uncertain times.
Luckily for Konfettie, the consumer is becoming savvier in many ways, demanding more high-quality and body-safe products. It is no coincidence that Konfettie was born during the pandemic. This is the right time to make body-safe toys accessible to all stuck at home, feeling bored, anxious, lonely, or just curious!

Our advice? When things are becoming too much, whether COVID or any other stressfull situation: take care of yourself by having an orgasm. With or without a partner, solo, with or without the help of a toy. 

Just make sure it's a body-safe toy. That way, you have one thing to worry about less, and you can reset your brain to avoid going insane. 

And maybe, just maybe, this whole nightmare will lead to some exciting inventions for some of us. 

Care to explore your curiosity? Then, have a look at our shop that's filled with body-safe sex toys. 

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