Help! How to deal with parents finding your sex toy collection

Did your parents discover your secret sexy stash of fantasy toys? Or have they, by accident, found out about your love for anal play? Well, you are not the only one that has been in a situation like this. Some people seem to feel very embarrassed, while others don’t care about it that much. What should you do?

We have found many posts from distressed people that have asked the internet for advice. So we have collected some of the best tips for you on when parents discover your sex toys. 

1. Stop hiding them


It makes you feel uncomfortable that they have found your toys? Turn it around! Do not hide your toys anymore. Do they enter your room again? Hello, buttplug! And again? Hello, ropes. Our guess is, they won’t be coming into your room anymore. Problem solved. 

2. The privacy conversationreddit-user-comment-parents-found-sex-toys-talk-about-privacy.
If leaving your toys in your room does not feel like an excellent solution to you, then why not try to discuss privacy with your parents? 

You do not even have to bring up the sex toys. Just talk about what privacy means to you and how they feel about it. You might even set some new ground rules together. 

To make this conversation even more effective, think beforehand about your desired outcome. For example, if you have a clear view of how you feel about privacy, you can better explain this to your parents. 

Convey how you would like to see them handle this situation and find a solution that fits you both. As a result, it might mean cleaning up your room more often. However, privacy also has its costs.

3. This too shall passreddit-user-comment-parents-found-sex-toys-it-will-pass.

The third option is to play it cool. Sometimes the smartest thing to do is to do nothing. Everyone is embarrassed, so all parties involved will probably feel great about not talking about it at all. The embarrassment will pass.  

Storage solutions 
If none of the above resonates with you, there are more solutions if you ask us. Where do you store your sex toys? Here are a couple of suggestions that hopefully prevent awkward situations.  

Box it up

Go thrift shopping and find a cool box for all your toys. Also, keep an eye out for new sellers on Konfettie. We know that there are many creatve entrepreneurs who create pretty but functional sex toy storage solutions. 

Does this suit you?
A suitcase is an item you do not use every day. Especially when it has a code lock on it, a suitcase is a very safe place to store your toys. Why would anyone snoop around in a suitcase in the back of a closet? Just make sure you do not lend it out to anyone and forget about the toys. Don’t own a suitcase? An old laptop bag will do just fine. 


A cheap but proper solution
You get them when you purchase a fancy bag or shoes. Many dust bags remain unused for years. But they are great to use as a sex toy storage solution, especially the cotton ones! Are you into crafting? Then make this your next DIY project. Who knows, you might end up on Konfettie selling custom-made dust bags for sex toy storage. Just a thought! 


DIY storage business 

Are you already creating cute, functional, trendy storage solutions for sex toys?

And do your storage solutions for sex toys have cool names like Pandora’s box, Pleasure Chest, Play Station, or Tax papers?

Apply to become a seller at Konfettie and grow your business. We are always open to accepting sellers who design body-safe, high-quality adult products and have the ambition to scale their brand. 

Who knows, you just might become the next curated vendor at Konfettie.

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