Have you been good today? KinkToks #Goodgirl explained

Have you been good today? KinkToks #Goodgirl explained

You look at your TikTok feed and think, what the hell is this? Hashtag #KinkTok? Let us help you by explaining these steamy TikTok trends. So follow your curiosity and discover new interests. In this blog, we present the #GoodGirl #GoodBoy trend. 

What do you see in these TikToks? 

The first video that we noticed revolving around the words Good Girl is from Frenchbrutus. Who is FrenchBrutus? He is a French dude  who creates a lot of TikToks around all different kinds of kinks. 

It starts with Frenchbrutus talking about how people keep asking him on TikTok to please do a praise video. He asks TikTok, 'Have you earned it?'. 'Have you done anything that earns you the right to hear me call you a good girl?'

Can you say Good Girl/Boy for me? 


If someone has a deep and sexy voice, they can be sure to find this question in their comments: Can you please make a Good Girl video? It turns out that many people on TikTok have this kink in common. 

And it's not just the boys creating these videos. The girls are represented well wheter they are talking about their own praise kink or praising others. 
Not all videos are serious, though. That is because not everyone feels comfortable saying the words,  just like in the real world. 

Praise kink 

You might have a praise kink if you want to be called a good girl or a good boy. Do you enjoy receiving compliments from someone so much it turns you on? Have you been good today? 

A praise kink is an opposite of a degradation kink (remember our blog about #SpitTok). For example, 'you are a good girl, or, 'you're doing an amazing job', receiving (sexually loaded) compliments arouse a person with a praise kink. 

It doesn't have to be sexual per se. It can also be about praising someone for making good decisions like drinking enough water and finishing work. Acknowledging that a person did something ordinary good can already do the trick. It is about the one giving the compliment and how they can make you feel. 


What do people enjoy about this? 
We did some online research picked out the best comments we could find about a praise kinks. 

On Reddit, we found this post: Being told, "good girl." Turn on? As you can see, the responses are very diverse. Some people are really into it, others very much not. 


SexBadgersaurus loves being called a good boy for his efforts. However, he guesses that loving to be called a good boy falls under submissiveness. 


For Sorryimindisguise begin called a good girl is something special and private. But when said with confidence, the little bit of embarrassment makes room for submissiveness. 


Cerecei is not sure why people enjoy saying good girl or good boy so much. It's weird and infantilizing. A praise kink is not for everyone, no! 



The following comment we found is by someone married. Solexaqhegaoxguy comments his wife gets more into it when he calls her a good girl. It is a turn-on for both, win-win. 

reddit-comment- about-good-girl.

From a Dom's perspective, showing a sub he approves gives a sub confidence.

Praise is familiar territory for people involved in a Dominant/submissive dynamic. But living your praise kink does not necessarily mean you are a die-hard kinkster. Sometimes you just like something, and that is that. 

What is a Dominant/submissive or, in short, D/s dynamic? It is a relationship where there is an exchange of power. One person is the Dominant, while the other is submissive. People can also switch between the dominant and submissive roles.

You have a praise kink. Now what? 

If you have a partner, talk about it. Show them a video, a TikTok or send them this blog to get the conversation started. 

One of the biggest plusses of a praise kink is that you can do it in public without drawing too much attention. It's just words, right! 

Are you flying solo? Then TikTok is your friend as there a many praise videos that will release your endorphins.

Done browsing TikTok? Drake made a song where he sings: Cause your a good girl, and you know it. On repeat! 

Timothee being a good boy


Our last tip is for all the Timothee Chalamet lovers out there. Someone took the effort to create one hour video of Timothee where the only thing he says is 'good girl. This video has 1.4 million views. So, trust us, you are not alone in your praise kink. But, of course, you are only allowed to watch it if you've been good today. 

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