Guide on how to clean your body-safe sex toys

Ok, look. When you're - deservingly and unapologetically - in the middle of your post-climax glow, cleaning the sex toy that got you there might not be the biggest thing on your mind. It should be though. Period. Cleaning your sex toys equals preventing infections, which helps to subtract the bacteria you don’t necessarily want to linger in your body. You do the math. How you should clean your body-safe sex toys? Just follow these germ-killing guidelines and you will be fabulously fine. 

For starters, let’s be loud and clear about one thing. Body-safe sex toys are the only sex toys you can actually disinfect and clean. As we mentioned in our blog about what type of sex toys you should not use, non-body-safe sex toys are (often) porous and therefore impossible to liberate of dirt. 

Do-re-mi, fortunately cleaning your body-safe sex toys is easy like 1-2-3. You are not in need of specific sex toy cleaners - or a dishwasher for that matter - to make sure your regions of pleasure stay safe and clean; water and/or soap will do the trick. Be aware that sex toys containing batteries - also the body-safe ones - are not suited to clean with water. 

How to clean sex toys made of pure silicone (medical grade/platinum)?

Airdry or use a soft cloth to dry the toy, after wiping it down with water and mild soap. If you want to disinfect the silicone toy thoroughly from time to time, for example by using alcohol, first consult the manufacturer to make sure the toy is made of 100% pure silicone. You can also boil your silicone toy for about 3 minutes. Easy does it.  

How to clean sex toys made of ABS hard plastic?

See above. You are advised to clean your ABS hard plastic sex toys the same way you clean toys that are made of medical grade- or platinum silicone. 


How to clean sex toys made of metal or stainless steel?

If you are the only one using the metal sex toy, sanitizing it with soap and water or an anti-bacterial sanitizer will be sufficient. In case the toy is used by several people, it’s important to boil the toy for a maximum of 3 minutes. Cleaning the toy with bleach is also valid, but don’t forget to remove the bleach residue with water and soap afterwards.


How to clean sex toys made of borosilicate glass, ceramic or wood?

You can clean sex toys made of glass, ceramic, or wood the same way as you clean metal ones. With glass toys, just make sure you avoid stressing the glass by wrapping it in soft material (e.g. cloth) while washing or boiling it.

Furthermore, be careful when removing glass or ceramic toys from the heat source. They will show you the less pleasant definition of hot.

Once your toy is squeaky clean and dried off, store it in a case or silk bag to protect it from other bacteria-laden items. This way, your toy won't pick up any irritants that can end up in your body, damage your device, or both. 

Cleaning your sex toys is a ritual to start adopting now. Making sure your sex toy is dirt-free every day, really keeps the germs away.

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