8 reasons why you don't want to use body safe sex toys

8 reasons why you don't want to use body safe sex toys

Say you are not convinced body-safe sex toys are the way to go. After reading this, you might change your mind. For curious people only!

In this blog, we have collected 8 of the most mentioned counterarguments for going body safe. Do you recognize one of them as your own thoughts? We dare you to think again. 

1.You think body-safe is too expensive. 

So, you are browsing through websites that sell different sex toys made from all kinds of materials, you have noticed that body-safe sex toys are usually a bit more expensive. 

Now what? Well, non-body-safe sex toys last up to 8-10 months, according to a blog called 'Sex toy safety information.' Sex toy expert Dangerous Lily wrote this blog. Buying non-body-safe sex toys fall into the category: If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly. 

Why do non-body-safe sex toys only last a couple of months? The reason is that porous sex toys can harbor bacteria that will build up over time. Gross! The longer you hold on to your porous toys, the worse the problem becomes. 


Body-safe sex toys can last a lifetime. Assuming you take care of your sex toys in the correct way! How about that! 

Read our blog: 5 reasons why body-safe sex toys are the best choice for you, to find out more! 

2.You want a toy with vibrations

We feel you. Vibrations can add to the amount of pleasure. So what is the reason Konfettie does not have motorized sex toys yet? 

You can find more non-motorized items on Konfettie because we maintain the body-safe standard. What do we mean by body-safe-standard? This means we do not accept sellers who offer toys made from toxic or porous material. 
A significant point to Konfettie is how you can clean and disinfect a toy.

Unfortunately, cleaning a motorized toy is not always easy because you cannot remove the motor or battery. And bacteria likes to stay in places you cannot reach. 

Body-safe unmotorized sex toys are the ones you can boil. But, ever tried to boil a motorized sex toy? Don't! You will ruin it.  

In the future, Konfettie hopes to attract sellers that have created body-safe motorized sex toys that you can thoroughly clean and disinfect.  Don't worry, though; it is just a matter of time!

3. I clean my non-body-safe toys after every use. I'm good

Very smart of you! But did you know that you can never really clean a non-body-safe sex toy? 

In the tiny pores that porous toys all have, bacteria and other stuff you don't need in your body will build up over time. Yes, it is as it sounds. 

It does not matter how ferocious you clean your toys; the fact is that they will never be body-safe in our book. 

You are just one step away from keeping your sex life body-safe/. And that step is to replace your toxic or porous ones with non-toxic and non-porous toys.

Ready to learn more about how to clean your body-safe sex toys? We have got a short and sweet guide for you! 


4. You have never had any issues with non-body-safe sex toys 

Of course, you could argue: never change a winning team. But what if that team could make you catch an infection? Give you chemical burns? Or what about headaches, nausea, or bacterial vaginosis.

How do you know for sure that your non-body-safe sex toy is not causing issues? 

5. You want the toy delivered within 24 hours 

If this is a dealbreaker for you, then Konfettie is not (yet) the place for you. 
We are no Amazon or Bol.com. Instead, our sellers are independent, and usually small businesses who create their products primarily by hand. 

Especially when you desire a custom-made piece, expect longer delivery times because someone in Europa is working their ass off to get it to your doorstep. 

When you purchase items the Konfettie sellers have in stock, this will, of course, arrive faster than a custom order. 

But the flipside is that body-safe sex toys are worth the wait. 

6. You don't want to spend time researching 

No worries, you have come to the correct address.
At Konfettie, we curate all of our sellers to maintain quality control. So you get left with a marketplace filled with the most satisfactory, most safe, and pretty adult items. 

Our goal is to attract body-safe sellers and adult item creators of the best quality and the most extraordinary designs. There is so much room for growth; we can't wait to show you. 

7. You don't value esthetics 

Behind us are the old days when you had to choose between a flesh-colored dick or a pink Tarzan. Happy those are over! 

In the last couple of years, sex toy creators from all over the world have risen. Their intention is: to create innovative new adult products. And body-safe, of course. 

Have you ever searched for Fantasy sex toys? Then you know the sky is the limit nowadays. But, benefit from it, there is a toy for every fetish, wish, desire, or type of play. 

And if you still have a hard time finding it? Be sure to let us know. We will do our best to find you a sex toy creator that can produce the products of your dreams. 

8. You never really know if it's body-safe anyways

It is true that in the unregulated sex toy market, anyone can market their toy as being body-safe. So you think you are consciously shopping but still end up with a toxic or porous toy. How awful! 

If we at Konfettie have the slightest doubt about a seller having body-safe products, we do not accept them. 

Besides that, our goal is to make sure the body-safe standard will become a worldwide standard. 

Would you like to support our independent and body-safe sellers? Then, shop at Konfettie, and we will continue to make the world a safer place! 

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