5 ways how to test if your silicone sex toy is really body-safe

5 ways how to test if your silicone sex toy is really body-safe

So you've bought a toy, and the packaging says body-safe? I hate to break it to you, but this does not guarantee that the toy is indeed body-safe. Here are a couple of tips for finding out if the toy is body-safe or not. In this blog, you will find five proven tips. 

1. Before purchasing a sex toy 

If you have doubts about the safety of the toy you are buying, ask the seller before purchasing. The right, honest and professional seller will be happy to explain to you how they created the toy, what kind of materials they used, and more—not getting any response from a seller? Red flag alert! 


2. Before opening the package 

Read the package. Does it have a language on it you can not read? Then how do you know what material the toy is made of? Does the packaging state silicone blend? Stay away.

Does the package state: silicone? Ok, good start, but don't forget the test the next steps. Why? Sellers can put body-safe or any other word on the package even if the toy is non-body-safe. Ridiculous right!

3. Smell it 

The first thing you will probably instinctively do when you open the package of your new sex toy is: smell it. Using this sense is essential! Does it smell like plastic? Then it's probably not body-safe.

Safe silicone does not smell like anything. Good to remember!

4. Pinch it good

Pinch the silicone and see if the color changes to white. If it does, the chances are that it contains plastic fillers and therefore is not 100% silicone but blended. You are not always sure what is exactly in the silicone with a silicone blend. Risky business! 

We also noticed that medical-grade silicone feels so much softer. A silicone blend usually feels more like plastic.   

5. Burn it  

More rigorous method but might be fun: the Flame test sometimes called the ash test. 

Silicone items can indeed burn but will not melt. Even though this is an excellent test to perform, it is not always one hundred percent accurate because some silicones can behave differently. 

Your burn it and it produces grey ash? Probably silicone! 

The toys starts to melt or really catches fire? Probably not silicone. 

Dangerous lily is a sex toy tester who is very commited to burning toys.Want to learn more about Dangerous Lily? Then visit her website. 

The good news

The good news is that nowadays, you can find numerous sex toy makers that only produce 100% body-safe silicone sex toys. And if you are curious, there is more body-safe pleasure to be found beyond silicone. 

Do you still think body-safe materials are not for you? Feed your curiosity by reading our blog filled with 8 reasons on why you would not want body-safe sex toys. 

So, now you know what to look for when searching for a new sex toy! If you feel this is too much for you to research just visit our all products page and you're set. 

100% curated sellers

All sellers are curated. What do we mean by curating? We check and see if the sellers who join Konfettie keep up with our body-safe-standard. So, what we do is look at what materials the sellers use. And so you do not have to do this anymore! How is that for a safe shopping experience? 

The only thing left for you to do is enjoy the process of finding, purchasing, and using your new and body-safe sex toys! 

Disclaimer: this blog will be updated as we learn more and more about body-safe materials. 

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