5 reasons why buying from artisan sex toy creators gains you more gratification

5 reasons why buying from artisan sex toy creators gains you more gratification

Before we started Konfettie, we had already noticed something. Buying adult items from artisan makers is way more fun. In this blog, you will find out five reasons why! 

Many artisan entrepreneurs started their adult businesses because they were missing high-quality, body-safe products. So they took matters into their own hands and started creating the adult toys of your dreams. Not to mention all the stunning erotic art and amazing adult games.  

Don't all successful companies start out that way? By solving an industry problem? The companies that sell their items on Konfettie certainly fit this description. 
Hence their popularity, people are ready for a change in their scenery, which is precisely what sellers on Konfettie aspire to. Pretty cool!  
So why is buying a dildo or a pegging harness from a seller at Konfettie more fun? It's, amongst other things, because of these five reasons! 
  1. Our sellers only produce body-safe products of high-quality 

  2. Get your sex toys customized 

  3. Unboxing is an experience 

  4. The sellers are happy to answer all your questions

  5. Supporting small businesses makes you happy 


1. Only body-safe and high quality 

For most artisan sex toy makers, using body-safe materials is a must. One of the vendors of Konfettie, called Funphoria, said that using body materials is a no-brainer to them. Want to learn more about their story? Read their story in our blog called: Two brave guys who left their high-end jobs to become pioneers in premium playfulness. 

These independent companies care about your health and have the ambition to provide you with a selection of the trendiest, high-quality, and body-safe toys. 
Most of our vendors were just as surprised as we were to find out about the lack of regulations in the sex toy industry. However, these sellers feel personally responsible for selling adult items that do not harm people's bodies. 


2. Happy to answer your questions 

Because you can literally order the product of your dreams, communication is vital. In our experience, the creators of artisan sex toys are more than willing to talk to you as a customer. 
All questions are welcome. And when people are proud of their product, they want to answer your questions! Do they hand-pour their sex toys? What kind of material do they use? What size would they recommend? Can you create a custom dildo? Is that possible, a collar with my name or my partner's name? 
In this case, the more curious you are, the sooner you will find the adult product you have been dreaming about. Luckily Konfettie is the marketplace for curious people. 
Good communication, receiving tips and advice also makes buying from the sellers on Konfettie a safer option. They know their own products and can tell you all about them. 
One of our sellers, Naughty Norman, shares with us that one of the percs of his job is learning more about his customers. Read his story in our blog called: Looking for an artist to visualize your naughty thoughts? 


3. Get yours customized

Because many artisan adult item creators offer customizations, you can find or co-design genuinely unique products. 
What are customization options? Size being the obvious one, you could also go for a different mix of colors or just one color. And the firmness of a toy (how hard or soft it is) can also be a choice.
You can find the one-of-a-kind products you've dreamed about by shopping from artisan sex toy companies.
Living a 24/7 Dom/sub dynamic? Then getting a custom collar will definitely strengthen your bond. Not living a 24/7 kinky life? Get one anyway! It might spark your partners' attention for BDSM. 
Is this big business? You bet your ass it is. So many people order toys with their own color combinations. Just take a look at an item of Black Fang Labs. So many options to consider. 


4. Better packaging

When receiving an order from an artisan toymaker, you immediately notice the effort they have gone through to provide you with the most fun unboxing experience. 
When we received an order from BalancelleShop, it was not wrapped in plastic, but the item came in a small pouch. The ballgag has a sticker on it saying: made with love. Cute! 
Tess, the owner of Balancelle, shared with us that she is trying to create an eco-friendly customer experience. Read Tess her story in our blog named: Are you looking for cute pegging gear? Look no further. 
We also, as a test, ordered adult items from Wish. It was horrible. So much plastic. 

Comparing our order from Wish with one of our curated body-safe artisan sellers struck us how cheap the material felt. Also, the sloppiness of how the items from Wish were sent. As a result, our order did not feel sexy, let alone fun. 
Read about our wishfull adventure in this blog.


5. Support small business

At the end of the day, you support an independent business that develops and designs its product with love and passion. These vendors are putting their heart and soul into their business. 
Some of them have faced prejudice, mainly because they operate in the adult industry. However, this has not stopped them from creating the best, body-safe items for you, the end-user. 
Buying from them will surely give you a better feeling than when you're buying from an unknown re-seller who doesn't have any affinity with the product they're selling. So have a look at the story of Neotori and get inspired!
So if you are looking for unique adult items, cum shop at Konfettie.YES They do not call us Sexy Etsy for no reason. Want to find something special for your something special? Well, now you know where to go. 
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