5 reasons why body-safe sex toys are the best choice for you

We could list a long list of why body-safe sex toys are the right choice for you. But, to keep it short and sweet, here's our top 5. Easy to remember when you are shopping for your next orgasm. Body-safe sex toys are the best, because:


  1. Body-safe toys don't smell

  2. They can last a lifetime

  3. Feel much sexier 

  4. You can clean and disinfect them 

  5. They are not toxic 


1. Smelly toy Smelly toy 

What are you made of! This would be our following line. How come some sex toys smell so bad? Typically anything that smells like plastic (especially when you open the package) is phthalates. An example of a material that smells bad is PVC. 

Body-safe sex toys do not smell bad! In fact, medical-grade silicone does not smell at all. So next time you rush to open your new toy so you can start using it, take a minute to smell it. Is it gross? Then definitely read the label before you put it near your body. 

And don't forget to keep your toys clean to make sure they are always fresh and odorless. Learn more about how to test if a silicone toy is really body-safe in this blog. 


2. A lifetime of pleasure

If you take good care of your body- safe toys might just last a lifetime. Yes, they might seem a bit more expensive at first until you realize that you don't have to buy a new one every couple of months. Yes, you have read this correctly.

Say you buy a porous toy. To maintain a body-safe experience, you would have to replace it every couple of months because of bacterial buildup. You do the math! 

Read more about maintaining your body-safe sex toys in our blog on how to clean your body-safe sex toys.

3.Can you feel it? 

Do you have a non-body safe sex toy and a body-safe sex toy in your collection? Then you definitely know the difference. If you rub your finger over (most) non-body safe toys, it either feels sticky or weird. On the other hand, when you rub your finger over a medical-grade silicone, it feels smooth and does not make a sound. 

In our opinion, body-safe sex toys really do feel, sound, and smell sexier. 

Not entirely sure yet? Then read our blog where we interviewed 5 people to get their first thoughts on body-safe sex toys vs. toxic and/or porous toys.

4. Really clean 

Apart from body-safe sex toys being easy to clean, the more important part is getting them clean. This is because body-safe toys are not porous, so you are getting rid of bacteria and such when you clean them. 

Body-safe silicone toys (without being motorized) can even be boiled. 

Non- body-safe sex toys are porous and never really get clean. Over time this can lead to bacteria- or even mold to build up. You wouldn't want that near your genitals! 

5.Don't you know that you're toxic

We have saved the best for last. By using a body-safe sex toy, you are not taking any unnecessary risks concerning your health. People are more aware of what kind of food they eat and what cosmetics they put on their skin, and we are getting better at removing toxic people from our lives. The next step is: get rid of your non-body safe sex toys and replace them with body-safe sex toys.

Have you thrown a toxic lover out the door already? Then continue making better decisions for yourself by throwing out your toxic sex toys as well.  

This might be hard in the beginning. Yes, you have invested in them, tried to make it work. But you have to draw a line somewhere.

Now that you are convinced body-safe sex toys are the right choice your can start your shoppping journey here by going to our shop. 

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