10 sex toy for men christmas gift ideas that will last long

10 sex toy for men christmas gift ideas that will last long

With the rise of sex toys for men playing sexy Santa has never been easier than now. Our selection of cockrings and masturbators are perfect gifts for men, all designed and made by indie toymakers. Our last tip is for people who enjoy a bit of pain; we've got something special just for you too!

1.Cockring by Dking (50mm €40,00)


This cock ring is 100% medical-grade silicone. Made in Sweden, with love. The material feels silky smooth, and it's very comfortable to wear. This ring gives an incredible boost in sensitivity, and feeling every pulse increases your pleasure during play! A minimalist approach with maximum impact. A perfect gift for someone curious about sex toys. 

2. Nougat cockring by SuendwarenKonditorei (outer diameter 6cm, €12,00)


Give the gift of pleasure with this nougat cock ring made by Suendwarenkonditorei from Germany. This tasty treat is sure to satisfy all your sweet cravings during the holidays, guaranteed!

3.Nanna stroker by Ivy toys (20cm, €92,00)


This stroker is a great gift idea for men! Easy-to-use design, simple to use, and clean. Ivy toys, from Germany, offers you 17 colors to choose from so you can customize your gift. 

4.Gnome masturbator by LoveSmith toys (17cm, €100,00)


Gnome: the fairy mushroom from the forest. This masturbator made it to our list of the most popular Christmas gifts for men this year. Shaped like a colorful fungus, and made from platinum-cured silicone. The exterior mimics the roots and veins of that fairy mushroom. This toy is very durable and long-lasting because it is non-porous. A gift that lasts a long time!


5.Offbeat masturbator by Godemiche (2inch, €34,69)


The OffBeat by Godemiche is an excellent gift for someone looking for a new way to masturbate. Or someone who desires something different. A very suitable gift to give when someone is new to sex toys as it is easy to use, smaller in size, and easy to clean. 

6. Lina the motivator masturbator by Neotori (regular, €79,95)


This medical-grade silicone masturbator by Neotori is from Germany. You can pick from two sizes and several color options to ensure the gift is precisely in the theme you want it to be. 

7. The Knot Sheath by Uncover Creations Shop (18.5cm, €74,95)


A penis sleeve is a sex toy that a penis owner can wear. It brings extra pleasure to your partner. A win-win gift! The Knot sheath is made of a durable and comfortable silicone material, featuring a ribbed shaft and chunky knot that will tease and stretch your partner's inner depths. It's open-ended for easy cleaning and internally textured for both partners to enjoy the ride! A toy gift to both enjoy. 


8. Lycan knot sheath by Odyssey Toys (127mm, €65,86)


This penis sleeve sex toy is not only a great gift idea for your lover, but it's also a fantastic way to treat yourself. The bright colors are sure to get your mate howling with delight. So please choose one of their shiny colors and customize your gift to perfection. 

9.Levi masturbator Vaachar (18cm, €100,00)


The dragon-inspired masturbator is a fun gift idea for Christmas. It is made of platinum-cured silicone, is fully body safe, and is phthalates-free. It has a little tail too! We love it in light blue. What color would you pick as a gift? 

10. CBT Pain Ring by 3D printed (€29,95)


The CBT pain ring is a beautiful gift for lovers of pain. The Pain Ring takes your penis through a journey of endless suffering. Center the pain around the most sensitive part of the penis, and a new world of sensations that you never knew before will open before you. 

Still haven't found the perfect gift for Christmas? Continue your search via our all-products page. 

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