Two brave guys who left their high-end jobs to become pioneers in premium playfulness

Dec 03 , 2021 by Team Konfettie

Sometimes you just need to bet on yourself. That is exactly why Johan and Mikael from Sweden didn’t wait for the permission of the world to change course. Leaving their high-end jobs in 3D modelling and automation engineering behind, they became pioneers in premium playfulness.

For the Nordic duo, the adventure started with a strong will and the desire to explore the space where pleasure meets quality. What began with an insatiable curiosity and heaps of unconcrete ideas, unleashed in a sex toys revolution. Since June 2021, that revolution goes by the name Funphoria.


the-team-of-funphoria-body-safe-dildo-makers. Meet the creators: Mikael (upper left) and Johan (lower left). On the right you see their self constructed pouring station. 

Funphoria has one main priority and focus: creating good products that adults will appreciate for all the right reasons. “There are so many trashy toys to be found online. We can do better than that.” Johan and Mikael combine their impressive skill set and expertise to create new and improved adult toys with an edge. This results in the fabrication of high quality and body safe products with a slick design, from Sweden, with love.
According to them, it’s a “no brainer” that their sex toys are made from body safe materials. This should be the norm for any kind of product, right?
Funphoria wants to be the best in silicone and therefore exclusively uses premium medical grade silicones and pigments in their products. “It’s not about money. It’s about the process, about creating something by ourselves.” This shows in the choice to make and design everything locally, at their site in Gothenburg, together with smaller, Swedish companies.
They constantly improve their use of materials, they minimize plastic in packaging and they spend time on comprehending the experience of customers. That’s what makes them unique, different, and uniquely different. 




The engineers for sexual wellness are ready to take the sex toy industry out of the taboo zone. “We are a serious company and we try to convey the negative connotations in the field.” Johan and Mikael take the production very seriously and continuously want to maintain the highest quality possible. They do hope that, in the future, the world of artisan sex toys will have more safety regulations. And when it does, Funphoria will be ready. 


Let’s see: how many people want to start a sex toy company, and how many will actually go through with it? Exactly. Sexplore your heart out! 

In the mood for some sexploring? Visit Funphoria's shop!


Two brave guys who left their high-end jobs to become pioneers in premium playfulness