9 naughty intentions for 2022 to inspire your cheeky side

Jan 03 , 2022 by Team Konfettie

What better way to start the new year than with some nice but naughty intentions. Maybe you already have them in mind, but perhaps you can use some inspiration. So we have put together a list of 9 intentions to start your 2022 in the naughtiest ways.

1.Surround myself with pretty things image-of-erotic-art-butt.


We rush through life not taking the time to appreciate the pretty things that we encounter during our busy days. On our way to work, look at the rainbow a minute longer. Your lover dressed up for you for date night? Take a moment to take it all in.

Or maybe you pass by an erotic piece of art that makes you smile for a minute. It really is all about the pretty little things in life. And when you surround yourself with items, you enjoy they will inspire you. More inspiration in 2022, please! 

2.Become 100% yours collar-baby-girl-leather-bdsm.


This year I want to become one hundred percent yours. So, collar me baby!

A relationship should be built on trust and consent. Sometimes I do not wish to be subtle about my love for you. So, to honor our bond, collar me. I want to wear a beautiful handmade collar- with pleasure in 2022.

I might even wear one with your name on it. Do you desire to be collared? 

3. Improve communication to increase intimacy adult-games-to-improve-communication.


If there's one thing I really want to accomplish this year, it would be to improve my communication skills. Be more open and honest about my boundaries and my wants and needs. Especially communication concerning the more naughty things in life. 

How will I accomplish this intention? Adult games of a higher level will help me to improve my skills. You will improve your communication skills, you will also get to know each other on a deeper level. With whom would you like to communicate better? 

4. Peg the patriarchybody-safe-dildo-used-for-pegging-pink-marble.

Just another form of sex for us to enjoy. Let's explore our curiosity together. This might even empower both of us. Thanks to Luna Matatas (and not Cara!), the world is more open-minded about pegging.

So let's go for sex equality. Isn't it a great intention to try new things in 2022? Especially with the pandemic still going on, I need to keep life exciting and fun. So peg the…well peg whatever you want! 


5.Break some rules and enjoy the consequences leather-whip-bdsm-gear.


Always being a goodie-two-shoes doesn't necessarily get you where you want to be in life. 

Fortune favors the bold. So, let's try to let go of well-behaved manners and enjoy the consequences of your actions. Who knows, you might even enjoy them more than you could ever have imagined.

6.Let go of control more oftenhand-made-restraints-for-bdsm.


Life is not always easy, and we tend to want to control things we cannot control. Letting go of control can free up headspace and let you refocus on the things you can handle. What better way to learn to let go of power than by giving it up in consent with each other. What do we mean? Get some restraints, and it will free your mind. Reminder: always play with someone you trust and someone who respects your boundaries. 

By playing with restraints, you can learn to let go and accept that what is. Very handy to master this when we are still experiencing the effects of the pandemic. 

7. Make time to play around four-body-safe-dildos-in-hands.

One naughty intention I think every adult should have on their list for 2022 is: play more. An article from the New York Times about how to add more play to your grown-up life states, "play can feel silly, unproductive and time-consuming." We feel you. Time-consuming maybe, but playing around actually helps with: 
  • Relieving stress
  • Keeps you energetic
  • Improves brain function 

Our suggestion? Combine play time with sexy time, solo or together. Or maybe, playtime is always your sexy time? And don't be afraid to add a fantasy touch to your play session. We are optimistic that it improves your imagination. 


8.Take care of the one I fuck body-safe-massage-candle-that-is-edible.

While self-care is très importante, taking care of the one you fuck is also something to prioritize in the new year. So how do you do that? One way is to sit down for a nice and slow massage. 

Not rushing into it but really taking the time to connect. Have genuine attention for the other person. Looking for a great addition to your session? We have just the thing for you: a massage candle that does indeed look sexy. It is even kissable! 

9.Listen more than I talkball-gag-body-safe-made-of-fabric.


Speech is silver; silence is golden. So sometimes, it's better to just shut up and listen. When we listen more than we talk ourselves, we learn more. And curious people are always eager to learn.
How to go about this intention? A ball-gag will do just fine. Only if it's body-safe, though, and nice-looking. I do prefer to look cute when I'm not able to talk.  


What are your naughty intentions for 2022? 
9 naughty intentions for 2022 to inspire your cheeky side