3 Tips for a solo stressless and satisfying Valentines day

Feb 11 , 2022 by Team Konfettie

Valentines' day can be stressful. But what if we told you that you could turn that around? If Valentine is about love, then self-love also counts. How about you treat yourself instead of looking outside for love? And by doing so, reducing Valentine's stress, bingo! 

In this blog, you will find our three best tips on how to spend a valentines day, solo-dolo. And how to keep it body-safe, of course


  1. Wandering off while staying in 


You are staying in and wandering off at the same time. Why not? It's your day. Do whatever you want. For some, relaxing means watching Netflix and having snacks. Imagine yourself in your pj's all day, a stack of pancakes next to you dripping with syrup, some fruit, and sweets. 



Shows to binge:

  • Bonding: The life of a psychology student who is also a Dominatrix.
  • SexEducation: High schoolers trying to figure out sex. 
  • SexLife: Hot and steamy! Even though this show is not the best representation of healthy relationships, we watched it a bit hot. 

If you end up daydreaming about something sexy, you will quickly feel the benefits as daydreaming lessens stress and anxiety. Are you interested in this topic? Verywellmind wrote a terrific blog about the benefits of daydreaming. 

If you are getting in the mood, we suggest you extend your daydream with a fantasy sex toy—just a perfect day. 


Our top suggestions are:

Pro tip: change your bed to enjoy a day between crisp sheets. According to Mood Media, which elevates customer experience with scent marketing, there is a 40% improvement in mood when exposed to pleasant smells. 


2.Mindful looking day 


Get a cup of coffee, enjoy a piece of cake and visit your favorite museum. Surround yourself with pretty and nice things and just let the day go by.

Today is a good day to start practicing mindful looking. Mindful looking can benefit your mood in many ways. For example, it can shift your pace and ease stress. Want to learn more about mindful looking? We suggest you go to Thinkingmuseum to read their blog on how to get started with mindful looking. 

Ready to practice some more mindful looking at home? Spice it up by bringing in some erotic art. Don't worry; we got plenty to choose from in all price ranges. 

Our top picks are:


Pro-tip: if you are anxious about Valentine's, you can also skip the coffee. The jittery caffeine effect can stimulate your fight or flight response and even trigger an anxiety attack. 

Caffeine-induced anxiety disorder is real, yikes! Read more about it and find out if you have it

3.Party like it's Valentine 


Why not? Valentine's day is a great excuse to party. Are you thinking about visiting an erotic-themed party? Be sure to check out Provocateur as they create the most beautiful handmade items that you can wear to feel like a million bucks. 

Luckily the world is opening up again, and we can indulge in some dancing and flirting. So dress the part to enjoy the party even better! 


Here are three options to spice up your party-outfit:

Pro-tip: if any toys come by during an erotic party, make sure they are body-safe. No one wants to leave the party with an infection due to porous and toxic toys. Note: putting a condom around a sex toy is not a solution as you can still get a burning sensation from toxic toys, and porous toys will still break down.

We wish you have a body-safe and stress-free Valentine. 


3 Tips for a solo stressless and satisfying Valentines day